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Common Citation Styles

Citation guidelines

Often, the only requirement you have is to maintain a consistent style in your essay. The following styles are recommended by the library to assist in producing your work. Information on preferred referencing styles or more specialized styles may be available from your subject co-ordinator or department/faculty.


Other styles

Reference Management programs

Why is citing important?

If you draw upon other people's work in your writing and research and do not acknowledge those sources, you can be accused of plagiarism.

Correct citations allow your readers to follow up sources you have referred to, so citing is in the interests of scholarly investigation and the sharing of ideas.

Moral Rights - The Copyright Act includes a section called "Moral Rights" which applies when you reproduce works such as text or images that are subject to copyright. This section protects the moral rights of an author to have their work accurately acknowledged and treated with respect.

An author/artist/creator can take legal action if their work is copied without due acknowledgement or if it is incorrectly attributed to someone else. Furthermore their work must be treated with respect and not subjected to any prejudicial treatment.

Acknowledgement of another's work through accurate citations is not only good academic practice but also a legal requirement.


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