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Services to the University of Melbourne

All official records of Central Administration, University Faculties, Schools and Departments come to UMA once they have been appraised and processed under the policies and procedures established by the University’s Records Services. Refer to relevant policies and procedures at the University Records Services department.

UMA acquires the records of academic staff, alumni, clubs and societies in accordance with the procedures for organisations and individuals, below.

Services to Depositors beyond the University

Many businesses, organisations and individuals have deposited their records with UMA to enable research and for preservation

Benefits to Depositors include:

Conditions of deposit and access

Before records can be transferred to UMA, they need to be considered against UMA collection policy, appraised and accepted at our discretion.

The Collection Development Policy describes the types of records collected by UMA. People interested in depositing records at UMA are asked to read this policy before contacting a UMA archivist to discuss the types of records, ownership, approximate quantity of records, formats, and so on.  To contact an archivist, please email the University Archivist, Dr Katrina Dean at or phone (03) 9035 4184. Depositors should note that some formats may only be accepted if supported by a donation towards the costs associated the long term care of the material.

It is preferable that records are gifted to the University without access restrictions. Conditions of deposit and access also need to be negotiated either under a Certificate of Transfer or the Cultural Gifts Program.

In the past UMA has accepted deposits on long-term loan with access restrictions set by the Depositor. Both long term-loans and access restrictions are still possible if there are compelling reasons such as privacy, however any restrictions must be negotiated with senior UMA staff. Where collections are held on long-term loan, Depositors are required to contribute annually to UMA costs.

Access to collections:

Guide for Transferring Records

Following agreement that records will be deposited at UMA, depositors must refer to the Guide for Transferring Records for further information.

Additional Information

Certificate of Transfer

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