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Student Records

Many people are interested in discovering more about relatives who attended or were affiliated with the University. UMA has several standard sources of information that may assist with these types of enquiries:

Student Record Cards: These date from the University's inception to the late 1950s and generally record details such as full name of student, date of matriculation, course name, subjects studied, results, degrees obtained and conferred dates. They may also contain additional notes such as prizes and scholarships awarded and special considerations. This information is strictly confidential; however, the University will confirm date of enrolment and degree conferred in most cases. More details can be released to the student themselves, to approved family members or researchers on application to the Archives. Please note that UMA does not provide official University transcripts. For all transcripts and for information on students who enrolled at the University after 1957, refer to the Academic Statements section on the Student Administration web site

The University of Melbourne Calendar can supplement the student cards by providing general information such as class and staff lists, scholarship, fellowship and bequest details, subject syllabuses, the annual report and University regulations and statutes. Sets of the Calendar are held in both the University Library's Special Collections and the Education Resource Centre. Check the Library Catalogue for the most convenient point of access.

The University of Melbourne Public Examinations Branch collection holds Matriculation entry forms from 1856 to 1964, when the matriculation examination was run by the University, and provides information such as full name, date of birth, school, religion, father's name and occupation, address etc. The associated 'returns' books provide subject and pass/fail details. Searches can be done by UMA staff on a database of both entry forms and 'returns' books compiled between 1856 and the early 1900s.

The University Photograph Collection is accessible online but researchers should note that it was not policy to take or retain photos of every student or staff member of the University. If a photograph does exist it is likely to be connected to a particular club or event.

It is important to remember when seeking information on family members to think about what sorts of activities they may have been involved with at the University. Whether they were political, artistic, athletic or particularly academic will influence the types of records which might include references to them. For example, if the person was an active member of the football or athletics club, then there may be material such as photographs or team lists in the records of those clubs held with the Archives. Sports Union annual reports and minutes also refer to team and individual performance as well as containing a record of the blue and half-blue awards. UMA holds records of most Melbourne University sporting and student bodies.

See also the List of University Clubs and Societies.

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