Primary Sources 50 stories from 50 years of the Archives

More than a mine

Originating in the goldfields of Western Australia in 1933, the Western Mining Corporation (WMC) discovered a rich lode of nickel and gold-bearing ore in open woodland country south of Kalgoorlie in 1966. The significant discovery led to WMC's construction of the town of Kambalda on the site of an abandoned gold mining town.

Beginning in 1966, building work in Kambalda continued until the downturn in the world nickel market in 1973. Housing was basic and the town had a frontier quality, with WMC responsible for all aspects of its development, from the church, post office and telephone system to the TV repeater station. Kambalda can be viewed as the precursor to today's mining towns which have grown due to the recent resources boom in Western Australia and Queensland.

The WMC papers, one of the many Collins House collections, are vitally important for ongoing research on Kambalda and other mining towns throughout Australia.

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