University of Melbourne Archives


Introduction to the University of Melbourne Archives for university staff and students

The University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) is one of Australia’s largest collecting archives, spanning 20km of records, and is home to some of Australia’s most important and unique research resources.

These collections are open to use by all University of Melbourne students and staff. The collections include not just the University’s archival records, but those of Victorian businesses, trade unions and various political, cultural and literary organisations. The scope of endeavour encompassed in the collections is truly astonishing and provides great research potential on a wide range of topics. Researchers have uncovered, for example, Robin Boyd’s unpublished manuscript for the second edition of Victorian Modern, slavery records from Jamaica and Suriname, numbers sheets from Bob Hawke’s pre-selection battle for the seat of Wills, and so much more.

In this session, UMA staff will present an overview of the collections, a researcher will discuss the publication potential of the collections and there will be an opportunity to raise specific questions about your own research interests.

10-11.30am Wednesday April 9, Dulcie Hollyock room, Baillieu Library.

Registration is essential:

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