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This page aims to provide useful links to news databases to support the study of Chinese News Analysis (110-185) at the Unviersity of melbourne.

Internet news / newspaper resources

SuperSearch and news databases

East Asian Collection Chinese newspaper holdings

Citing newspaper articles


Internet news / newspaper resources


BBC Online Nework - Chinese language news (http://news.bbc.co.uk/chinese/simp/hi/default.stm) Chinese
It provides unbias news. In additions to current news, it provides links to related references news.

China News Services - Zhongguo xin wen wang (http://www.chinanews.com.cn/) Chinese
It provides comprehensive news of major cities and provinces of China. Supports Chinese Big 5 and GB Codes. Archive news is full text searchable.

Central Daily (http://www.cdn.com.tw/welcome.htm) Chinese
It is a very popular Chinese newspaper published in Taiwan. It provides archive news of Taiwan (http://www.cdn.com.tw/data.htm) back to July 1997.

People's daily Online(http://www.peopledaily.com.cn/) Chinese
It contains 16 full text current daily newspapers and popular journals published in China. The system supports Big 5 and GB codes. Archives files are dated back to 1997.Searches are available using Chinese, English and Japanese JIS. However searches in English and Japanese provide the news headlines in the searched language.

Sing Tao Electronic Daily (http://www.singtao.com/) Chinese
It is a very popular Chinese newspaper published in Hong Kong . It provides archive news of China (http://www.singtao.com/frames/f_cnew.html) and Hong Kong back to 1997.


The Age (http://www.theage.com.au/)
This is the web version of the Melbourne newspaper, The Age. The Library Has the Age 1993-2001 from Buddy. Also available in print, and microform.

Asia Times Online - China (http://atimes.com/china/china.html) English
Provides archive news from January 1999 to July 2000. Archive is not searchable.

BBC News: Asia-Pacific (http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/asia-pacific/default.stm) English
Provides archive news and full text search.

China Briefs - Sinopolis (http://www.sinopolis.com/) English
Provides China news and information covering business, education, the environment, culture and technology, etc. Archive news are full text searchable.

China Daily (http://www1.chinadaily.com.cn/news/index.html) English
Use Internet Explorer as web browser. It is the official English newspaper of China. It provides links to China Daily, Hong Kong edition, Business Weekly, Shanghai Star. Archive dated back to January 2000 and provides advanced search.

CND (China News Digest)- Global edition. (http://www.cnd.org/Global/) English
Provides searching by keywords in CND English publications from 1995 onwards.

CNN Asia (http://asia.cnn.com/) English
Covers news of Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Archive is fulltext searchable.

The Standard: Greater China Business Newspaper (http://www.thestandard.com.hk)
It is one of the papers published by the Sing Tao Group, Hong Kong. Does not provide archive searching anymore.

People's Daily (http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/) English
The People's daily is the official news of China. It provides archive news date back to January 1998.

South China Morning Post (http://www.scmp.com/) English
It is a very popular English newspaper published in Hong Kong . Archive news search ( http://business.scmp.com/search/) with abstract is available from 1993 onwards. Full text is available through subscription.

Taipei Times (http://www.taipeitimes.com/news)
It covers local news and business news. Advanced search date back to August 1999.

Taiwan Headlines (http://www.taiwanheadlines.gov.tw/) English
It is the Taiwan Government official e-newspaper. Information is Taiwan bias. Back issues dated back to September 1999.

Xinhua News (http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/index.htm)
It is published by the Xinhua News Agency, an official news agency of China. It provides search news headings back to 1992. Xinhua News Agency(Exp. Acad) is also available from Buddy.

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SuperSearch and News
Recommended databases:
(1) Factiva

(2) Lexis-Nexis News : Full Text. World news.

(3) SuperSearch Resource Sets- Newspapers: News. Full Text, World news .

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East Asian Collection Chinese newspaper holdings

China daily (International edition)
UniM Baill P Newspaper shelves
LIB. HAS: Current 6 months only

Ren min ri bao (Hai wai ban) = People's Daily Overseas edition
LIB. HAS 1991-
UniM Baill EA P 9986 J876H

Xing dao ri bao = Sing dao Daily
LIB. HAS Jun, 1992- 1998 (incomplete)
UniM Baill EA ef 9983.22 H626

Zhong yang ri bao = Central daily news. (Taipei, Taiwan : International ed.)
LIB. HAS Jan 1, 1980-
UniM Baill EA ef 9983.01 C556

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Citing Newspaper articles / Internet News

(1) Newspaper - elements in bibliographic citation:

  1. Article author
  2. Article title
  3. Newspaper title
  4. Date of publication
  5. Page number of article

(2) News database - elements in bibliographic citation:

  1. Article author
  2. Article title
  3. Newspaper title
  4. Date of publication
  5. Page number
  6. Access date
  7. Database
  8. Web address




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