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Coding Systems for Chinese documents
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Installing East Asian Language Support Under Windows XP

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Coding Systems for Chinese documents
Chinese scripts are stored in codes in the computer system. Big5, EACC, GB, HZ and Unicode are the popular coding systems for Chinese character sets. It is briefly described below:

Big5   GB HZ Unicode
-2-byte encoding
-Standard Traditional Chinese characters.
-Widely used in HK, Taiwan, elsewhere.
-2-byte encoding .
-PRC standard code
-Chinese simplified characters.
-Widely used in PRC, Singapore elsewhere.
-7-bit encoding
-GB Code standard.
-Used in Chinese newsgroups on the internet.
-2-byte encoding
- unifying identical characters from different variants of the same script.
-cover all the scripts in the world.
For details of Chinese coding system, please refer to:
Notes on CJK Character Codes and Encodings, Ross Paterson , 1995

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Chinese-Japanese-Korean Softwares downloading

To view Chinese character display on the computer, Internet users are required to install Chinese softwares onto their computers. Nowadays, there are many Chinese softwares available from the Internet for trialling and ordering. Listed below are some popular Chinese softwares used in the English Windows platform:

Twinbridge (http://www.twinbridge.com/)
Products Input Methods Character codes Support Demo Version for Download
Chinese Partner Version 4.98 Pinyin and Zhuyin BIG5/GB, BIG5 Plus and GBK. 60 days free trial;
AsianBridge Includes TwinBridge's Super Pinyin and Zhuyin Input Methods and built-in 60,000 phrase dictionary Chinese: Big5, GB, HZ, etc. Japanese: JIS/EUC, etc.
Korean: KSC
30 days free trial
Asian Viewer Not available Chinese: Big5, GB, HZ. Japanese: JIS/EUC
Korean: KSC
30 days free trial
NJWIN Star(http://www.njstar.com.au/)
Products Input Methods Character codes support Demo Version for Download
NJStar Communicator 2.51
PinYin, ZhuYin, ShuangPin, Cangjie , Radical lookup... Enable to view CJK text with automatic code detection:
Chinese:GB, GBK, Big5, Unicode, HZ-8, HZ-7, etc.
Japanese :S-JIS, EUC-JIS, New-JIS, Unicode, etc. Korean:KSC, Unicode, etc.
With a powerful Universal Code Convertor which convert in between all the CJK coding schemes
30 days free trial
[Download ]
NJWIN CJK-viewer 1.89
Not available Standard CJK codes
Converts simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese
30 days free trial

Richwind  (http://richwin.sina.com.cn/products/index.html)

Products Input methods Character codes Support Demo version for download
RichWin for Download PinYin, ZhuYin, ShuangPin, Cangjie, Simplied Cangjie, Wubi, English-Chinese... GBK, Big5, Shift-JIS, Korean 30 days free trial

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