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Digital elements of Victoria's history


On 17 September 2009 the University Library released public-access digital versions of three culturally significant document collections:

  1. Report and transcript of evidence from the 1939 Bushfires Royal Commission
  2. Annual reports of the Board for the Protection of Aborigines in Victoria, 1861-1925
  3. The annual University of Melbourne Calendar, 1858-2006

These important documents have previously been held in archives and available only to scholars and researchers. The precious originals remain in archival storage.

The digital collections are available for free access and downloading from the University's digital repository.

The newly-released digital versions were created by the University Library's Imaging and Digitisation Centre. Our thanks to the University Secretariat, Public Records Office of Victoria, CAVAL and the many individuals who helped to locate, digitise, catalogue and publish these documents.



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