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1939 Bushfires Royal Commission: report and transcript of evidence

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In January 1939 bushfires swept across the State of Victoria. Seventy-one people were killed on a day later dubbed "Black Friday".

For decades this event was regarded as the greatest natural disaster seen in Victoria.

Three weeks after Black Friday, Judge Leonard Stretton convened a Royal Commission to Inquire into the Causes and Measures Taken to Prevent the Bush Fires of January, 1939, and to Protect Life and Property and the Measures to be Taken to Prevent Bush Fires in Victoria and to Protect Life and Property in the Event of Future Bush Fires.

In 2009, for the first time, the complete transcript of evidence given to the Commission has been published along with the complete report and recommendations. (Previously only the report had been published.)

This online collection contains digitally scanned facsimile copies of the Royal Commission's report and transcripts of 34 days of evidence given before the Commission. There is a searchable index of evidence.

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The Royal Commission report and transcripts are available from the University Library's web site.

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Image, above: extract from transcript of evidence given at Marysville in 1939. "[Question:] Could anything be done to make Marysville safe against fire from the west? [Answer:] -- No. On Sunday night we were burning and all day Monday I had a big body of men on the western end of the township cutting and burning breaks. On Monday the fire jumped over everything we had done."



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