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Information for your Honours/Masters literature review and research project

Finding Information and staying current

Literary Review LibGuide - http://unimelb.libguides.com/lit_reviews

Beginning your Research LibGuide - http://unimelb.libguides.com/begin_research

Staying Current LibGuide - http://unimelb.libguides.com/stayingcurrent


Inter-Library Loans

Higher degree and 4th year honours students may make a request using our online order forms. Please note, there are separate forms for Books, Journal Articles and AV Material:

Make an interlibrary loan request


Citing information

It is critical to cite all your sources of information clearly and consistently. Plagiarism is the use of another person's work without acknowledgement. See link University of Melbourne Academic Honesty and Plagiarism for more information and advice to students.

In the School of Earth Sciences we paraphrase with acknowledgement rather than presenting chunks of work in quotations. Quotes are used sparingly for succinct statements that make an impact.

Citation styles

The School of Earth Sciences uses an author date style based on the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. See 'Author-date styles for Earth Sciences students' for guidelines on using this style.

For other styles of citing refer to the University's ReCite website - http://www.lib.unimelb.edu.au/recite/index.html

Those with more advanced computer skills may want to use bibliographic management software. More information on this LibGuide. http://unimelb.libguides.com/managing_references

Classes on literature searching and EndNote are arranged for Earth Sciences Honours students and there are also generic classes offered during the year see Information Skills Classes.


Getting help

For further assistance with your literature search contact:

Guido Tresoldi ,ph 8344 6528

Peta Humphreys, ph 8344 8314

Links to Honours/Masters information seminars documentation.

Getting started - 1st February, 2011

Staying current - 3rd February, 2011



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