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2004 Honours Theses

De Leon, A.
The geochemistry and petrogenesis of the New South Wales leucites.

Ellinger, R.F.D.
Calcareous Pleistocene aeolianites and associated units, The Nepean Peninsular, Victoria.

Feldman, M.
The Paleo-depositional environment of the Broken Hill group: Applications of basin analysis in a high grade metamorphic terrain.

Grewar, J.
The Stratigraphic, structural, alteration and rock magnetic variations across a basalt-high, Kewell, western Victoria.

Hamson, G.R.
The tectonic evolution of the Banda Orogen East Timor.

Henry, D. A.,
Controls on high-grade mineralisation associated with the Hangingwall Reefs, Stawell, western Victoria.

Le Feuvre, C.
Dry Lightning frequency and its implications for forest fire.

Leong, B.
Geochemical Analyses of polycrystalline diamond and its intergrowth minerals from Opara and Jwaneng, Botswana.

Li, Chung-Leong.
Palaeoceanography of the Australian Region during the last glacial maximum: A Planktonic foraminiferal view.

Maneghini, B.
An investigation of the relationship between Australian rainfall and the southern annular mode.

McCutcheon, E.
Stochastic forcing and millennial-scale Climate variability.

Moran, S.
The geological framework for the geotechnical aspects of the Broken Hill Pd-Zn-Ag massive sulphide ore deposit.

Newstead, H.
Objective identification of frontal systems in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ng, S.
Analysis changes in climate extremes in Australia.

Pomrow, N.E.
Formation of metatexite and Diatexite in upper Amphibolite facies Felsic genesis from Southern Cross, Broken Hill.

Prendergast, A.
Late Quaternary environments of the Murray River Valley in North-western Victoria.

Robinson, M.
The Geochronology of the tertiary basalts of Phillip Island and the Mornington Peninsular, Victoria, Australia.

Stats, B.
Cainozoic fluvial sediments of the West Victorian Uplands.

Witten, R.B.
Tertiary palaeodrainage systems of the central Victorian highlands.

Woon, E.M.S.
Controls on mineralisation and marcasite galo trace element geochemistry at Goongewa and Cadjebut Mines, W.A.

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