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2005 Honours Theses

Bergin, L.
Relationship between the Pitfield Volcanics and the Avoca Fault, south-west of Ballarat, western Victoria.

Bonnici, N.
Xenoliths and their host basanite: a case study from the Monaro Volcanic Province , N.S.W.

Bosnjak, M.
The nature and distribution of hydrothermal alteration and implications for gold mineralisation within the Wildwood Prospect, western Victoria.

Brick, A.R.
Pre-metamorphic hydrothermal alteration at Corruga No. 1 workings, Broken Hill. NSW.

Brubacher, P.
Structural control on gold-antimony mineralisation at Costerfield, central Victoria.

Chandler , E.
Potential changes to the frequency and severity of hail in south east Queensland .

Coffey, J.
The stratigraphy and palaeontology of Cape Vani , Milos , Greece .

D'Auvergne, M.A.
Australian neoproterozoic glaciation: a study of the Sturtian glacial deposits in the Arkaroola region, Northern Flinders Ranges , South Australia .

Darbyshire, R.
Current and future vernalisation trends in high and low-chill fruit in the Melbourne Region.

Davis, S.
Climatological investigation of characteristics associated with thunderstorm development in south eastern Australia .

Durrant, T.
Sea ice extension around Antarctica : association with southern Australian rainfall via changes in regional cyclone and anticyclone behaviour.

Ervin, D.B.
Geodynamics of quaternary uplift: Atauro Island , Timor Leste.

Hammett, J.
Wind driven rain and the development of a driving rain index for Australia .

Lahtinen, A.
The Edicara member of the Rawnsley quartzite, Flinders Ranges SA; stratigraphy, depositional environment and preservation of the Ediacaran assemblage.

Leader, L.
Modelling of the structures across and east-west transect through the St. Arnaud group, Victoria.

MacCulloch, J.
40 Ar/ 39 Ar constraints on the timing of gold mineralisation in the Forestville , Nagambia and Walhalla deposits.

Nicholas, L.
Kinematics of gold hosting and dismemberment structures within the Golden Gift Orebody, Magdala Gold Mine, Western Victoria .

O'Sullivan, R.H.
Amphibolites of the Eastern sequence, CML7, Broken Hill , New South Wales .

Reid, L.M.
Characteristics of intense extratropical cyclones in the Southern Ocean.

Rikus, L.
The evolution of estuarine conditions in the Cenozoic Murray Basin .

Shields, K.J.
Gold mineralisation and the structural evolution at Fosterville , Victoria .

Summons, N.
Dependence of tropical cyclone forecasts on sea surface temperature: case Study of TC Zoe.

Sweeney, J.
Groundwater flow and salinity in the Mt. Camel region, Northern Victoria .

Wilson, L.
Indices defining the Australian wet season.

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