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Draft  Economics and Commerce Collection Policy

The Library Collection Policy http://www.lib.unimelb.edu.au/about/cmc/collection.html is currently undergoing a review to ensure that it aligns with and meets the needs of the University’s Melbourne Model and the Growing Esteem strategy. 

As a part of the process all subject-specific policies are being reviewed, this includes the Economics and Commerce Collection Policy.  We are seeking your input into this policy and invite feedback on the draft policy which can be access from the following link:

Economics and Commerce DRAFTCollection Policy Apr08

Please contact Trish Wilson with any feedback or suggestions you have regarding the Collection policy.  She can be contacted on phone: 8344 7650; email: trish@unimelb.edu.au or call in and see her in the Giblin Library.

Information for Course Coordinators


Ordering Monographs for Reference and Research

Recommendation of Titles for Purchase
Requests for all types of materials to be ordered should be submitted to the Information Librarians listed below, and items needed urgently should endorsed to this effect. Requests may be made on a copy of a review or advertisement, etc., provided these are clearly marked with your name, department and other particulars. They may also be made via e-mail, so long as you include all relevant details about the items. It is helpful to include copies of flyers, book reviews etc., with your request.

Standing Orders
Some new titles are received automatically and do not need to be individually ordered. An Approval Plan covers approximately 40 major international publishers - a list of these is available on request. Standing orders or deposit arrangements cover publications from the EU, ILO, IMF, ISEAS, OECD, World Bank and WTO. One copy of new Australian titles is also received on an approval plan basis.

When the catalogue describes an item as on order, an expedite request form may be made to the loans desk. If the item has been received it will be processed and ready for collection usually within two days. If still on order, its arrival will be expedited if possible and you will be informed accordingly.

Serials, databases and other expensive items (over & around $1000)
Requests should be endorsed by the head of department, on the advice of senior colleagues as appropriate. Items requested should be ranked "essential", "important" or "marginal". It is worth noting that some additional library and general research-support funds may be available for expensive one-off items.

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Text Books and Recommended Reading

Responsibilities of Course Co-ordinators

Prescribed texts are ones that students are expected to purchase. The Library does not purchase multiple sets, but will purchase a limited number of copies for placing at Baillieu Reserve.
Recommended reading includes multiple copies of high-use (not prescribed) books, further reading titles, and also specialist materials needed for essays, assignments, tutorials or background reading. These are limited to 2 or 7 day loan at the Giblin Library, or Overnight or 2 hour loan at Baillieu Reserve.

1. Ordering

All course materials must be recommended for purchase several months prior the time they will be needed to ensure availability on the shelves. At least three months should be allowed for this.

These recommendations are sent to the Giblin Economics and Commerce Library accompanied by the following information:

  • course/subject code
  • expected number of students
  • desired number of copies
  • suggested loan periods.

Multiple copies are bought at the request of lecturers and course co-ordinators. These staff members should ensure that all recommended and further reading titles (including new editions) are held in sufficient numbers to support their courses. There are guidelines for the maximum number of copies, which are related to class size as follows:-

Up to 40 students 1 copy
41-60 students 2 copies
61-80 students 3 copies
81-100 students 4 copies
100+ students 5 copies
500+ students discuss with Librarian

2. Reserve/Recommended Reading Lists

Lists of titles on reading guides must be sent to Baillieu Reserve at least one month before they will be needed by students, setting out the required restricted loan periods. These are:

  • 2 hour (Baillieu Reserve) - for use in the Library only
  • Overnight (Baillieu Reserve) - can be borrowed any time one day, for return any time the following day
  • 2 day loan (Giblin open shelves)
  • 7 day loan (Giblin open shelves)

Occasional requests to handle isolated items outside the normal lead times may be made to the Giblin Library loans supervisor.

3. Journal Articles

The journals collection cannot withstand use by large classes of students. When you are going to recommend particular journal titles to students, contact the Giblin Information Librarian, Barbara Rocchi beforehand, as she may be able to create a library web page for your subject, to assist students access to materials and to manage excessive demands on the journals collection.

When reference to particular articles is required, copies of these articles should be provided in Departmental workbooks or readers, their presence in library databases should be publicized to students (library staff can assist with this); or they should be put on Baillieu Reserve.

When photocopies are required for reserve, send them to Baillieu Reserve with details of the subject. Alternatively, send a request for multiple copying form for each article that is required. The Library will then make the copies and charge them to your departmental account.

4. Course outlines/Class handouts

In order for library staff to anticipate students needs and to ensure that the material in high demand is available for them, send all draft course outlines and class handouts containing reading guides and essay topics to the Giblin Library loans supervisor. It is very important that they are sent prior to being distributed to students.

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Assignments and Library Skills



Student Assignments Subject co-ordinators are asked to send to the Giblin Library copies of course outlines and class handouts containing essay topics and reading guides. This will assist library staff to effectively anticipate the needs of your students. If classes of students are expected to consult particular journal titles, you should first discuss this requirement with the Giblin Information Librarian.

Library Skills for Students Instruction for students on accessing library resources, in general or in relation to particular subjects, sources or assignments, can be arranged with the Giblin Information Librarian. Instruction can range from introductory tours to in-depth seminars. Orientation tours and classes in catalogue and database searching skills are run for the first few weeks of Semester. Please make requests for library sessions for your students with as long a lead time as possible, preferably more than one month ahead.

Tours for Staff Tours of the Library and instruction in the use of the Library s catalogue and other databases can be arranged for academic staff at any time. Please contact the Giblin Economics and Commerce Library on 8344 4755 for more information.

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Exam papers


Exam Papers Subject co-ordinators are asked to approve lodging of exam papers in the Baillieu Library. This will ensure that a complete a set as possible of University of Melbourne exam papers is kept in the Library. Paper copies are kept for three years at Baillieu Reserve and in the Giblin; an archival paper set commencing 1858/59 is kept in Special Collections. Electronic copies are available via the library website, commencing 1996.



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