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Economics honours theses are available on CD from the Baillieu Library Information Desk. Honours theses are listed here by year of completion.




Year Surname First Name Title of Thesis
2007 Ashok Sowmiya Trafficking in Women For Sexual Labour: A Game Theoretic Analysis
2007 Au Cherie Causality between Stock Returns, Economic Activity Growth and Inflation in the Australian Economy
2007 Blau Gavan Frank Legal Regulation, Enforcement Intensity & Competing Securities Exchanges - A Model
2007 Brugler James     Structural Change in US Income, Capital and Energy Consumption and Implications for Multivariate Model Specification
2007 Chow Adrian Yue Hoe The Purchasing Power Parity: Evidence from an Australian Perspective
2007 Dean Samuel Peter Intrinsic Motivation and Venture Capital Financing of Innovation
2007 Deans Cameron Andrew  Towards the strategic design of international environmental agreements: the case for issue linkage
2007 Donoghue Matthew Leslie Enforcement Externalities and Policy in Bangladesh
2007 Eng Felicia The Welfare Consequences of Interstate Agricultural Tariffs in India
2007 Feddersen John Ja  Environmental Innovation under Taxes and Permits
2007 Jackson Thomas An Analysis of Temporary Water Prices in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District of Victoria, Australia
2007 Keov Elizabeth The Neutral Real Interest Rate of Australia
2007 Knight Alexandra Production Technology: A Century of Test Cricketers
2007 La Nauze Andrea Household Green Energy Programs: Analysing the Private Provision of an Impure Public Environmental Good in Australia
2007 Lim Lizhen Laureen The Effect of Technology on the Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth
2007 Liu Charles  Wage Discrimination Amongst Immigrants/Natives and Whites/Non Whites in Australia
2007 Macrae Tess  Investigating the Link between Income, Health and the Environment: An Applied Approach
2007 Mak Tse Fung Dollarization and the determinants of banking crises-A study of developing countries
2007 Marian Felix Andre Revisiting Pitfalls in Testing for Explosive Bubbles in Asset Prices
2007 McLachlan Ramsay Hugh Tax Structure Design: The Role of Commodity Taxation in the Presence of a General Income Tax, Income Uncertainty and Consumption Commitment
2007 McQueen Anthea Jane Multiple Equilibria in a Simple Environment-Economy Model
2007 Meisel Emil A locus of control explanation for new business formation
2007 Ng Sze-Wei Janet An Econometric Model of Contagious Currency Crises
2007 O'Keefe Andrew Damien Estimating the Economic Impacts of Climate Change on the Australian Wheat Industry 
2007 Osborne Michelle Andrea Modeling Permanent Water Markets in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District
2007 Piyapromdee Suphanit The Welfare Effects of Fair Trade on Coffee Farmers
2007 Smyczynski Henryk Adam Do Airline Ticket prices contain a loyalty Premium?
2007 Tay Hao Xiang Who attend Higher Education? An Australian Case Study
2007 Tipene Leslie Hamiora Status Quo Bias and Seller Behaviour: Behavioural Bias in the Housing Market
2007 Tran Allen Interventions in Obesity
2007 Tucker Bruce Martin The Effect of Child Care Costs on Australian Mothers’ Labour Force Participation
2007 Uong Keith Imperfect Information About Harm from Addiction
2007 Weidmann Ben Urban Water Demand Management: A Policy Review
2007 Wong Kirsten Sue-Kim Networks, Search and Matching Costs, and their influence on Australian Exports
2007 Xue Peng Optimal Capital Structure with Asymmetric Information and Endogenous Monitoring Cost 




Year Surname First Name Title of Thesis
2006 Ansell Emma Jane The Economic Cost of State Moratoria on Genetically Modified Canola


Robert John "I like your old stuff better than you new stuff": Artistic Career-Path Planning in a Durable Goods Model


Liam Edward Preference Anomalies and Simple Heuristics


Russell William Risk Averse Borrowers and the Lending Activities of Sustainable Microcredit Institutions
2006 Burfurd Ingrid Ellen Contract design for a matching market: Victoria's Market for Revegetation Contracts
2006 Chand Shyamal The Underground Economy in Australia: An Analysis using Monetary Data
2006 Chicu Mark David Proprietary Innovation in the Presence of Open Source Development
2006 Close Cathie Increases in Government Provided Infrastructure and Changes in Private Sector Production: A Comparative Analysis
2006 Cooke Nicholas David Tax Smoothing Through Public Debt Management in the Absence of Price Indexed Debt Securities: The Case for Australia
2006 Crowley Dominic Peter Are Australia and New Zealand's Current Account Deficits Excessive?
2006 Doupe Patrick David Global and Regional Cooperation with Heterogenous Compliance Costs
2006 Eades Dylan Modelling Nuclear Deterrence with Asymmetric Information in a Sequential Game
2006 Fok Yin King R&D Spillovers between Australian non-manufacturing industries
2006 Gash Naomi Emma Testing the accuracy of Australian Real Gross Domestic Product Growth using forecasting models for the 2004/05 Financial Year
2006 Goldbloom Anthony John Ageing Without Ailing  Using Immigration to Maintain the Health of the Economy in View of Demographic Change
2006 Gray Alexis Arianthi The Impact of Monetary Policy News on the Exchange Rate:  Evidence from Australia and the US
2006 Hong Steven Si Kun Children and Household Expenditure:  A Cross-Cultural Analysis
2006 Jin Yan Price Dispersion in Sales where Consumers differ in Search Cost
2006 Jongdee Siree Financial Development and Economic Growth: a neoclassical approach
2006 Koh Pei Shan Examining the Changing Correlation between Female Labour Force Participation and Fertility Rates
2006 Krepp, Lisa Rachel The Effect of Children on Women's Earnings:  Evidence from Australian Data
2006 Mantello Andrew John The Effectiveness of Water Conservation Measures Adopted in Melbourne: An Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Water Consumption
2006 Moran Gregory John Immunity Policies and Cartel Deterrence
2006 Muscara Frank Peter Do interest reates forecast economic growth?
2006 Ogilvie-Lee Clementine Diane Optimal Hedge Ratios in the Australian Interest Rate Market
2006 Rozenbes David Identifying a relationship between Current Account Deficit and Economic Growth in Australia
2006 Shah Sachen The Mafia, Violence and a Role for Entry and Exit:  A Theoretical Framework
2006 Shao Vivian Wei-Wei Differing Pricing Strategies between Identical Firms
2006 Thomson Julia Lee Examining the transition of older Australian workers to full and partial retirement
2006 Vardy Kathryn Anne What is the relationship between Income and Health for Indigenous Children in Australia?
2006 Wright Matthew Thomas The Performance-Structure Relationship in Australian Retail Banking 
2006 Yuen Kelvin Ho Lun Australia's Electoral Advantage to Incumbency: a regression discontinuity analysis




Year Surname First Name Title of Thesis
2005 Atkins Hayden Christopher Information and Communications Technology Network Externalities and Growth


Daniel Kane Domestic Banking and BOP Crises with Active Interest Rate Defence

Da Costa

Alicia Juliet Station Proximity and Mode Choice? Does Distance Affect Public Transport Demand? A study of the City of Whittlesea


Laura Michelle Labour Supply Decisions of Tertiary Students Whilst Still in Full-Time Study: Who works, and Why?
2005 Hollingsworth James Owen

Effects of an exogenous merger in a model of spatial Bertrand competition with fixed locations



Shweta Sanjeev The Effect of the Agriculture Sector on Output: A Comparison of Rich and Poor Countries


Patrick Michael Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement in a Dynamic Transferable Discharge Permit Market: Implications for the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
2005 Lee Hann Leng Comparing the Welfare Effects of Uniform and Means-tested Education Vouchers


Wen Shan Melissa An Empirical Study of China's Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate and Misalignment


Rithy Trends in Income-Related Inequalities in Mental Health in Australia
2005 Lin Karen The Determinants of Unemployment Durations: by Race and Gender
2005 Ng Ju-Ai Trade and Wage Inequality between Skilled and Unskilled Workers in Australia: A Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson Approach
2005 Piccinin Daniel Peter The Effects of Mergers with Entry in Markets featuring Product Differentiation and Bertrand Competition
2005 Rigzin Temay Christopher Guest Worker Remittances fro the Tibetan Host


Belinda Gaye The Efficacy of Government Support Mechanisms in Increasing the Release of Australian Film and Television


Nimisha Regional Instability and Economic Growth in India


David Frank The Economics of of Network Security: Getting the Best out of Hackers
2005 Tan Li The Relationship between Personal Income and Net Worth in Australia, 2002
2005 Thomas Andrew David Testing the Efficiency of the AFL Sports Betting Market


Nicholas James Investigating Global and Regional Linkages in Asian Financial Markets using a VECM Framework
2005 Tran Michael Huu Nghia An Estimation of the Australian Sticky-Information Phillips Curve
2005 Turner Stewart Trevor Output Convergence Amongst the Australian States Between 1948 and 2004
2005 Wilson-Otto Daniel Dylan Poverty, Aid and Pro-poor Public Expenditure in Sri Lanka
2005 Yates Katherine Amy Extended Producer Responsibility: A solution to market failures in the choice of environmental product characteristics?


Michael A Stochastic Model of the Oil Price using a Quadratic Equilibrium Price Trend




Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis
2004 Barry Matt An Exploration into Policy Options for a Deepened Cairns Group
2004 Beggs David Econometric Analysis of Ex-Dividend Share Price Behavior: The Impact of Cash Dividends and Franking Credits
2004 Betts Thomas E. Equity Prices and The External Finance Premium
2004 Blackmore C. Pro-Poor Growth Rate Comparisons in Indonesia
2004 Buncle A. An Allocative Efficiency Comparison of Uniform and Discriminative Price Auctions for Use in Procuring Environmental Services
2004 Cooke Nadia The Impact of Indonesia's Health Card Program on Assistance at Birth, Prenatal Care and Birth Weight
2004 Cornish M. Examining the Effects of Human Capital Characteristics on Weekly Icomes of Teachers in Australia: With a Look at the Perceived Male Teacher Shortages in Australia
2004 Floyd David Anthony Alcohol Consumption and Employment Outcomes: an Australian Perspective
2004 Ha How Chun Identity and Terrorism
2004 Ho P. Information-Push Vs. Information-Pull Technology in the Music Industry
2004 Hong Saewoon Institution Proxies: The Superiority of Property Rights Measures over Political Measures
2004 Hughes Neal The Impact of Labour Disputes on Shareholder Returns
2004 Lawrie Hugo Urban Influences on Rural Schooling in Indonesia
2004 Lee Owen Terrorism Modelled as a Game of Rivalry and Risk
2004 Malseed-Harris Jules A Structural Framework Enabling Empirical Cost-Benefit Analyses to Identify the Optimal Standardisation Method
2004 McNees Claire K. The Economics of Urban Fringe Development and Open Space Allocation
2004 Newstadt Saul An Empirical Investigation into the Predictive Power of Credit Spreads for Output Growth
2004 Ng Siling Growth Empirics: A Cross-sectional and Panel Data Approach Using a Different Measure of Human Capital
2004 Noura Hassan Social Capital, Inequality and Growth: Evidence from a Panel of US States
2004 Pachare Salil A Structural Vector Autoregression model analysing the effects of monetary policy in Australia
2004 Panchal Vikram The Impact of Regional Integration on Openness and Economic Growth: Are There Significant Gains?
2004 Samy Luke Gerard Do Domestic and US Financial Spreads Predict Australian Real Output Growth? Evidence from a Victor Autoregression Model
2004 Sener Faith An Inquiry into the Union/Non-Union Wage Differential: Estimates for Australia
2004 Trinder Jessica The Economic Growth of Africa: Political Unrest and a Colonial Heritage




Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis
2003 Adler Hum Importance of Stock and Property Markets in Listed Property Trust Returns
2003 Barker Andrew Investigation into the Implications of Loss Aversion for Water Trading in Australia
2003 Black David J. The Australian Phillips Curve and Productivity Growth
2003 Cuxson Graeme Optimal Defence Spending: An Arms Race Between Alliances
2003 Dheva-aksorn P. The Determinants of Football Match Attendance: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the English Premier League Season 2001-2002
2003 Fullgrabe Beth Damage Caps and the Statute of Limitations: Incentives to Take Care
2003 Gilbert Reece Is HIV/AIDS a significant determinant of growth?: A Panel Data Survey of Sub-Saharan Africa
2003 Gillitzer Christian Does the Australian Dollar Forward Curve Contain Information about the Evolution of the Spot Exchange Rate?
2003 Goh Anthony Should Adam Marry Eve? A Psychological Game-Theoretic Approach
2003 Holder Toby Irrigator Decision Making - the Multiproduct Firm Facing Input Supply Uncertainty
2003 Hunter Jordana State Trading Enterprises and the Distortion of Agricultural Trade
2003 Jatursrivilai Nahathai Sources of Economic Growth in APEC Countries
2003 Kakandee Kannika Export-Led Growth and the HPAEs: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand
2003 Karamzalis Christina Inflation and Stock Return in Australia
2003 Kyriacou Savvas Analysing the Effects of Oil Price Shocks on the Australian Macroeconomy
2003 Lewis Christine An Analysis of the Effects and Effectiveness of Border Enforcement
2003 Lim Soo Siang Ernest The Effects of Inflation and Unemployment on Income Inequality in Australia
2003 Lim William A Case for Overbidding in Auctions: Externalities
2003 Long Anthea Happily Ever After? A Study of Job Satisfaction in Australia
2003 Macdonald Tim Distributional Effects of Factor Accumulation
2003 Maher Richard Institutions, Geography and Economic Development: Evidence from a Dynamic Model
2003 McDonald Nick Friends in Far Places: Australian Evidence on Social Network Migration, 1990-91 to 1999-00
2003 Nesbitt Sarah Stressed Out But Still Surfing: An Economic Study of the Relationship Between the Internet and Time-Stress
2003 Patterson Mark The Short Term Implications of the Quantity Equation of Money
2003 Perrone F. Putting out the Fires: Evidence from Australia
2003 Pham Ving Van Decisions of the Developer: The Process of Open Source Software Development
2003 Quaife T. Spectrum Synergies: Evidence from the Australian PCS (800 MHz and 1.8 GHz) Specturm Auction
2003 Rabinov Amber Trade Liberalisation and Economic Growth: An Extreme Bound Analysis of the GATT
2003 Sanders Edward Charles Imitation Designs and Fashion Cycles
2003 Saprungrueng Sitthidej Determinants of the Real Exchange Rate of Australia and New Zealand: Pre and Post Asian Crisis
2003 Seow Adrian Competitive Balance and Attendance: English Football
2003 Sibly Clare Tournaments and their Incentive Effects: A Study of the 2002 Men's US PGA Tour
2003 Soccio Marc Consumer Wine Quality Expectations across Wine Varieties: A Hedonic Price Analysis of Premium Australian Shiraz and Chardonnay Wines
2003 Stewart Gabrielle Air Pollution and Development: Cause or Cure?
2003 Tan Evelyn Obesity in Australia: A Function of Technological Change
2003 Tan Grace Exchange Rate Volatility and its Effects on Export Flows: The Case of a Small Open Economy - Singapore
2003 Teo Hooi Hoon An Economoic Analysis of Family Firms in Developing Economies In East Asia
2003 Wheatley Troy Cross-Country Transmission of Monetary Shocks between Australia, the United States and New Zealand
2003 Wong Kheng Mun Jason Ebay Auctions: Buyers' Actions with Sellers' Reputations and a Single Opportunity to Bid
2003 Yusuf Yusuf The Twin Deficit Hypothesis in Major Mineral Exporting Countries: The Case of South Africa




Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis
2002 Au York-Ching Wagnerian Versus the Keynesian Hypothesis: the Japanese Experience
2002 Belle Katie The Household Division of Labour: Exploring New Ideas Within the Neo-Classical Becker Model
2002 Bryan Gharad Tomas Vertical Differentiation, Gloablisation and Pollution  
2002 Bull Morelle Austsralia is Ageing: Cause for Celebration or Concern? Fertiltiy Choice and the Macroeonomy  
2002 Campbell Arthur Market Power and Transmission Capacity in Power Markets
2002 Chung Arthur Explaning the Brain Drain: An Econometric Analysis of the Emigration of Labour from Australia
2002 Chung Cheryl Fengling Information Technology and Singapore: Productivity, Capital Deepening and Economic Growth
2002 Claughton Matthew Modelling Reputation in Online Auctions: the Effects on Efficiency and Bidding Strategies
2002 Curtis Imogen E. Market Power, Taxation and the Food Industry
2002 Dang Lan Hong Thi Measurement of Real Exchange Rate Misalignement, Malaysia case
2002 Evans J.S. Electoral Term Length & Government Expenditures
2002 Faull Peter The Producer Safety Incentives of Product Liability
2002 Folie Alexandra Transboundary Pollution, Trade and the role of Policy
2002 Huynh Viet Time-Variant Optimal Hedging Ration for the Australian Stock Market
2002 Johnston David Political Determinants of Australian Government Expenditure Cycles
2002 Koon Peng Ho Colin The Determinants of Education Demand in Australia
2002 Lancy Annette Patricia Reputation in Access Bargaining: Modelling the Australian Telectommunications Industry
2002 Lee Shannon Consumer Preference Uncertainty and Horizontal Merger Analysis
2002 Loke Paul A Re-Evaluation of the Offsetting Behavior Hypothesis: The Case of Australian Bicycle Helmet Laws
2002 McDonald Hamish Public Education, Political Participation, Inequaltiy and Growth
2002 McLean Duncan An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Law Enforcement upon the Illicit Drug Market - Heroin in Australia
2002 Michel Veronique Regional Growth in Cities and Suburbs: The Case of Australia
2002 Nilasinthop Panthep Individual Endorsement Money: The Impediment in a Salary Cap Solution in Professional Team Sports
2002 Noonan Kirrily Public Infrastructure in China: An Empirical Study
2002 Pakula Byron Antony Demand Side Management of Melbourne's Water: Welfare Effects of Water Restrictions and Alternative Policies
2002 Passlow Robert Pricing Strategies for a Monopolist Facing a Dynamic Demand Curve
2002 Schilling C.G. Consumer Welfare Effects of the Reserve Bank's Credit Card Reforms
2002 Sheow Eddie Strategic Delegation in Ultimatum Game
2002 Sibly Anna Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity in Australia
2002 Sng Jeremy Analysing the Determinants of Multinational Bank Expansion into Australia
2002 Tan Shawn Weiming ASEAN Monetary Union: Is it Possible?
2002 Xu Ting-Lee Finance, Stock Markets, and Economic Development: Evidence from the Republic of Korea



Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis
2001 Amor Matthew Modelling the Behaviour and Performance of AFL Tipsters
2001 Briggs Jerome Fundamental & Speculative Components of the 1994 Mexican Peso Crisis
2001 Carrick Sally Australia and the Rational Partisan Model
2001 Chamula Taras Modelling the Australian Yield Curve: Testing Theories of the Term Structure of Interest Rates
2001 Featherston Luke Optimal Private Protection: Selection Between Observable and Unobservable Precautions
2001 Ficarra Vincent A. Testing the Expectations Hypothesis on OTC AUDUSD Option Volatilities
2001 Finlay Jocelyn Edwina An Examination into why Australia has lost its Market Share of Processed Food Exports to Japan
2001 Harris Michael "Pushing on a String" Modelling Asymmetry in Monetary Policy
2001 Hocking James Macro Shocks and the Australian Equity Market
2001 Hwei Yeo Chong Test of Purchasing Power Parity and its Empirical Application
2001 Jackson Angela Clare Earnings of Immigrant Women in Australia: Assimilation, Cohort and Macroeconomic Effects
2001 James Lindel Convergence in the Australian Gender Wage Gap in the 1990s: Measuring the Effect of Labour Market Reform
2001 Johns Christopher M. The Economics of Rational Epidemics
2001 Koh Hui Choo The Impact of Wealth on the Demand for International Air Travel by Australian Residents
2001 Lampe R. The Optimal Level of Software Protection
2001 McCully Stuart Endogenous Liquidity and Exchange Rate Dynamics: The Australian Case
2001 McLaren Zoe The Effectiveness of Reserve Bank of Australia Foreign Exchange Intervention
2001 Mcleish Mark Collusive Behavior in Broadband Network
2001 Methakullawat Ben Phongpob Are Australian Current Account Deficits Excessive? An Intertemporal Consumption-Smoothing Analysis
2001 Middenway John An Empirical Analysis of AFL Crowds
2001 Miller Antony Damon Green Business and ISO 14001 in a Duopoly Setting: A model of Voluntary Over-compliance with Asymmetrical Information
2001 Moss Simon Does the PPP Hypothesis hold for Australia? Testing the traditional and interest rate augmented models
2001 Mullavey J. Earnings Inequality in Australia in the Late 1990s
2001 Nguyen Tam The Macro Determinants of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
2001 Niblett Anthony Undertakings of Quasi-Permanent Prices: Preventing Predatory Pricing
2001 Phillips Bruce Female Earnings and Divorce Rates: Australian Evidence
2001 Roberts-Thomson L. Exchange Rates, Volatility and Trade Prices and Volumes: The Australian Case
2001 Smith Ashley Income Addiction, Taxes on Labour and Their Impact on Efficiency Wages
2001 Sonnemann Julie Government Grants and Charitable Giving: the Crowding-Out Effect in Australia
2001 Thong Jonathan Stock Returns, Recessions and Growth
2001 Voukelatos Nicholas Market Power in Electricity Generation: Rebidding Strategies and their Effect on Prices
2001 Wyrzykowski Mark E. Investigating the Volatility Characteristics of Asian Exchange Rates
2001 Yong Aaron Tay Thiam A Bivariate Causality Between Exchange Rate and Stock Indices in Singapore



Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis
2000 Arduca Melissa Growth of Involuntary Part-time Employment in Australia
2000 Brazenor Richard Disabilities and Labour Market Earnings
2000 Carlile Elizabeth R. Asymmetry of the Phillips Curve in Australia
2000 Chiraruangwong Kriangkrai Is Tight Monetary Policy a Cure for Currency Crises?
2000 Dennis James Improving Environmental Performance: Evidence from Mexico
2000 Dinley Caitlin Decision Making for Illegal Immigration: Risk and Reward
2000 Dylewski Michael Alexander What Determines R&D Expenditure in Australian Manufacturing Industry? Schumpterian Hypotheses and the Effect of Government Financial Assistance
2000 Gould Phillip Time Varying Hedge Ratios in the Aluminium Market
2000 Gulbenkoglu Arek Optimal Management Regime and Ownership Structure: The Case of Melbourne Metropolitan Water
2000 Humberstone Rosemary Unemployment in the Job Contact Network
2000 Jin Woon Wei Age and the Distribution of Wealth in Australia: A Cohort Analysis
2000 Johnson Shane Wages, Implicit Contacts, Job Mobility and the Business Cycle: Evidence from Australian Micro Data
2000 Kew Hsein Yoong Testing for Relative Purchasing Power Parity: an Application of Common Cycles Analysis
2000 Kronouer Natasha Shifts in the Beveridge Curve: 1981-1999
2000 Lansdell Nicola Comparing Travel Cost Models and the Precision of their Consumer Surplus Estimates: Albert Park and Maroondah Reservoir
2000 Lim Michelle Wuan-Ching The Political Economy of Antidumping and Countervailing Protection: the Macroeconomy and the Supply of Protection in Australia
2000 Linsley Ingrid Overeducation in the Australian Labour Market: its Incidence, Effects and Causes
2000 McKinlay J. Governance Matters in the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis
2000 Mustapha Wan Adleena Wan The Effectiveness of Capital Controls in Malaysia: a Short Term Perspective
2000 Patterson Bianca Explaining Regional Unemployment Disparities in Australia
2000 Petch Jefferson Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy Regimes and the Longrun Neutrality of Money
2000 Sandeman Tom Dynamic Addiction Games
2000 Shomos Anthony Australian Unemployment Rate Asymmetry and Stock Returns
2000 Smith Camille Elizabeth Optimal Monetary Policy Rules in a Rational Expectations Model of the Phillips Curve
2000 Sykiotis Nikolaos Symmetric Player, First Price All-Pay Auctions with Externalities
2000 Watson Bartholomew Competitive Balance and the Demand for Australian Rules Football
2000 Wei Lee Kwok Singapore Economic Growth: Sources and its Driving Force
2000 Westmore Ben Allowing for Durable Goods in Estimating the Intertemporal Elasticity of Substitution for Australia
2000 Widjaja Anthony Variance Bounds Test and Intrinsic Bubbles

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