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Economics and Commerce honours theses are available on microfilm in the Baillieu Library (call number BA MIC/o 6377). Honours theses are listed here by year of completion. The microfilm roll and section number is given next to each title.


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1990 Arandt G. Capital Adequacy and the Cost of Bank Funds. 22 21
1990 Bessell D. Cost Structures and Frivolous Suits in the Litigation Process. 22 22
1990 Croft A. Leptokurtosis in Exchange Rate Variation. 22 23
1990 Elms D. An Application of Non Linear Forecasting to Economic Time Series. 22 24
1990 Furphy B. Economic Forecasts: Their Rationality and Potential Usefulness. 22 25
1990 Gizycki M. Expectations Formation in the Foreign Exchange Market. 22 26
1990 Joseph G. The Economic Consequences of Debt Equity Swaps. 22 27
1990 Karasavidis S. The Impact of Alternative Legal Costs Allocation Rules on Incentives to Litigate. 22 28
1990 Korbel A. The Role of the Monetary Base in the Transmission Mechanism in Australia. 22 29
1990 Kyriacou A. A Mircoeconomic Approach to the Modelling of Aggregate Endogenous Import Demand in Australia. 22 30
1990 McAllister M. The Demand for Bank Credit Cards and its Implications for the Credit Card Pricing Debate. 22 31
1990 Mills V. A Model of Short Term Capital Flows for Australia: 1938-1988. 22 32
1990 Mitrache D. The Term Structure of Interest Rates. 23 7
1990 Prentice S. Tax Compliance in a Principal Agent Framework. 22 33
1990 Ryder N. The Properties and Performance of Australian Financial Analysts' Forecasts of Annual Company Profits. 22 34
1990 Salla R. Analysis of the Growth in Self Employment in Australia. 22 35
1990 Schwartz C. Aggregate Investment, Stock Prices and Cashflow: A Reprieve for "q" Theory. 22 36
1990 Simpson B. Credit Availability and Household Savings. 22 37
1990 Skilbeck M. An Economic Analysis of German Unification. 22 38
1990 Tan B. Occupational Segregation and Sex Differences in Earnings. 22 39
1990 Terrill C. A Model of the Private Residential Housing Market in Australia. 22 40
1990 Twomey P. Volatility and Forecasting in the Australian Stock Market. 23 8


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1991 Adams Christopher Paul Profit Sharing and Employee Involvement. 23 9
1991 Andronis James Reducing Indeterminancy in an Overlapping Generations Economy in the Context of Paying Interest on Reserves. 23 10
1991 Baber David Wage Determination in the Manufacturing Sector During the Prices and Incomes Accord. 23 11
1991 Barker Angus Technical Analysis and the Role of Noise Trading in the Australian Market: Evidence and Implications. 23 12
1991 Boemo Lisa An Inter-Industry Analysis of Income Inequality in Australia: 1947-1988. 23 13
1991 Bongiorno Caroline The Impact of Taxation on the Allocation of Savings in Australia. 23 14
1991 Cochrane Paul Does School Quality Matter?  Returns to Education in the Australian Public School System. 23 15
1991 Cole Matthew Price-Cost Margins, Market Shares and the Degree of Implicit Collusion in the Footwear Industry and the Glass and Glass Products Industry. 23 16
1991 Cole Monique Estimation of the Change in Hidden Unemployment in Australian Males Aged 20-64 Years, for the Period 1971-1990. 23 17
1991 Colombi Daniel Speculative Efficiency in the Foreign Exchange Market: Further Evidence for Australia. 23 18
1991 Craig Philip Markup Pricing Versus Marginalism: A Controversy or a Problem of Time? 23 19
1991 Davidson Simon An Investigation into Risk Premiums in Australian Futures Markets. 23 20
1991 Drake Steven Issues in Australian Television: Quality, Choice, Diversity, Viewer Utility and the Introduction of Pay Television. 23 21
1991 Duane G. An Empirical and Theoretical Study of the Auction of Treasury Notes. 23 22
1991 Fagan Patricia Assessment of Cost Benefit Analysis of Clearfelling State Forests in East Gippsland. 23 23
1991 Fletcher Sam An Examination of US-Australian Interest Rate Parity. 23 24
1991 Gillespie Barrie The UV Curve in Australia and the Role of Long Term Unemployment in the 1980's. 23 25
1991 Harrop Toby Partial Acquisition and the Anomally of the Speculative Premium. 23 26
1991 Hartnett Peter Managerial Investment Decisions in the Presence of Career Concerns. 23 27
1991 Jack Simon The Efficiency of Horse Race Betting Markets: Some Australian Evidence. 23 28
1991 Kent Tony A Generalised Exponential Model of Exchange Rate Movements Using Information-Conditional Parameters. 23 29
1991 Knights Stephen Foreign Investment: An Investigation of Restrictions on Capital Flows in the Context of the Australia-Japan Relationship. 23 30
1991 Latina David On Monetary Policy and Elections in Australia: The 'Vertigo' Effect. 23 31
1991 Lele Tania A Study of the Impact of Sectoral Shifts on Aggregate Unemployment in Australia. 23 32
1991 Leslie Phillip Untended Side Effects on Bank Interest Rate Risk Arising from the Recently Introduced Capital Adequacy Requirements. 23 33
1991 Lewis Thomas Research and Development, Multi-Factor Productivity Growth and a New Model of Optimal Research and Development Investment Portfolios. 23 34
1991 Lockwood Gavin Learning and the Repeated Game Auction Model. 23 35
1991 McDonald Ross Portfolio Hedging Strategies With Australian Share Price Index Futures. 23 36
1991 Mina George Mainwaring on Uneven Development. 23 37
1991 Morgan Anne A Wealth Adjustment Model of Household Saving. 23 38
1991 Munn Anna The Impact of the Gulf Crisis on Australia's Foreign Debt Using the Murphy Macroeconometric Model of the Australian Economy. 23 39
1991 Norman Larissa Goliath's Revenge in a Declining Market. 23 40
1991 O'Flynn Peter The Twin Deficits Hypothesis the Australian Experience. 23 41
1991 Pitt Anthony Stock Price Dispersion as a Leading Indicator of the Business Cycle: An Australian Application. 23 42
1991 Puno Frederic An Econometric Model of Consumption and the Exchange Rate Using an Intertemporal Approach. 23 43
1991 Reed Tim Efficiency of Allocation of Joint Venture Assets Upon the Withdrawal of a Participant to a Joint Venture, from the Joint Venture. 23 44
1991 Rieschieck Martin The Impact of Inflation Uncertainty on Output Growth. 23 45
1991 Roby Mark Devising Prudential Standards for Non-Bank Deposit-Taking Intermediaries. 23 46
1991 Simpson Brett Credit Availability and Household Savings. 23 47
1991 Stockdale Hayden A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the International Wheat Trade. 23 48
1991 Sutherland Andrew The Stock Market and the Velocity of Circulation in Australia. 23 49
1991 Tang Kim Assessing the Comptitiveness of the Australian Banking Industry. 23 50
1991 Tham Jane A Review of the Determinants of Australian Trading Bank Loan/Deposit Margins. 23 51
1991 Williams Vicki Household Savings and the Post Tax Real Interest Rate. 23 52


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1992 Bell Nigel B.D. The Effects of Australian Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy on Nominal Asset Trade: An Application to the Euro$A Bond Market. 24 2
1992 Bell Helen Population Demographic Effects on the Housing Market. 24 1
1992 Boston Guy Share Price Indices as Australian Economic Indicators. 24 3
1992 Douglas J.S. Gross Flows in the Australian Labour Market. 24 4
1992 Ellis Mark The Effects of Taxes on Foreign Direct Investment. 24 5
1992 Evans Charles F. The Private Saving Investment Balance: Its Relationship to Government Policy in a Context of the External Accounts. 24 6
1992 Garrett Allison Marie The Factor Market Consequences of Foreign Investment in Australia. 24 7
1992 Gilchrist Angela J. An Entry Model of Import Penetration Applied to the Australian Manufacturing Sector. 24 8
1992 Ha Vera Stock Price Volatility: An Application to Australia. 24 9
1992 Hartnett Brad The Impact of Deregulation on Competition in the Australian Domestic Aviation Industry. 24 10
1992 Ho Yuen-Ping The Australian Public Sector as Revenue Maximising Leviathan (An Empirical Study). 24 11
1992 Jackson Stuart The Stability of ARCH Parameters in the Unbiased Forward Rate Hypothesis. 24 12
1992 King Kevin Copyright Protection for Software Manufacturers. 24 13
1992 Klettner C.C. The Australian Electricity Supply Industry: Corporation and the Balance of Trade. 24 14
1992 Lam Ricky P. Is the Tariff Determined Endogenously in Australia? 24 15
1992 Liang Eng Hwa Unbiasedness, Conditional Variance and Risk Premium in the Forward Foreign Exchange Market: The ARCH and GARCH Perspective. 24 17
1992 Liang Chung See Government Popularity in Australia: An Empirical Study. 24 16
1992 Lo Wai Howe Modelling the Australian/Yen Exchange Rate After the Float. 24 18
1992 Loorham Fiona Closer Economic Relations with New Zealand and the Effect on the Australian Market Milk Industry. 24 19
1992 MacGregor David An Examination of the Relative Reliability and Predictive Validity of Two Contingent Valuation Studies: A Private and a Public Good. 24 20
1992 Mandylas Leah Monetary Policy Implications for Australia: A Short-Term Simulation. 24 21
1992 Mapperson Ian The Demand for One-Day International Cricket in Australia. 24 22
1992 Marshall Anthony The Determinants of Trans-Tasman Migration. 24 23
1992 Mozina David S. The Relationship Between Financial Indicators and Economic Activity, 1970-1992: A Comparative Study via Granger Causality Methodology. 24 24
1992 Pardea J. Tests of Excess Volatility in the Australian Sharemarket: Evidence and Implications. 24 25
1992 Parker Grant A The Effect of Futures Markets on Commodity Price Stabilization. 24 26
1992 Richardson Megan J. Equity and Efficiency Aspects of a Change in the Tax Mix. 24 27
1992 Rooney Janine Substitutability of Debt and Leases: An Australian Study. 24 28
1992 Savoca Sebastian The Demand for Cigarettes in Australia: Advertising, the Ban, Health Scares and Taxation. 24 29
1992 Soon Albert Neo Po International Linkages in the Term Structure of Interest Rates: An Exploratory Analysis. 24 30
1992 Stoney Nicholas The Causes of the Stochastic Component in Unemployment.  A Structural VAR Approach to Decomposing Unemployment into its Constituent Factors. 24 31
1992 Stubbs Daniel G. The Effects of a Consumption Tax on the Level and Composition of Savings and Investment in the Australian Econonmy. 24 32
1992 Waddell Susan The Demand for Secondary Education: An Analysis of Retention to Year 12. 24 33
1992 Waters Matthew Market Manipulation & Entry Deterrence by Durable Good Monopolists. 24 34
1992 Watt Andrew Is Immigration Deterimental to Australia's Trade Balance? 24 35
1992 Wenzel Michael B. Private and Household Savings in Australia 1974-1991. 24 36
1992 Wilkins Roger The Structure of Wages in Australia: 1982 to 1990. 24 37
1992 Zarifeh Kirsten Unionism and Inter-Industry Wage Differentials in Australia. 24 38


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1993 Argyropoulos Thanos Government Debt, Government Spending and Private Sector Behaviour. 24 39
1993 Azzopardi Neville The Existence of Rational Stock Price Bubbles in the Australian Share Market. 24 40
1993 Bakker Alexander Looking Behind the Market Efficiency Hypothesis Using Survey Data - A Cointegration Approach. 24 41
1993 Bell Simon A Travel Cost Valuation of The Phillip Island Penguin Parade. 24 42
1993 Ben-David Ra'anan Long and Short Run Causes of The Australian Current Account. 24 43
1993 Boothby Lisa Estimation and Policy Implications of Water Demand in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area. 24 44
1993 Buttigieg D. Trade Unions, Job Satisfaction and Exit Behaviour: A Test of the Exit-Voice Hypothesis. 24 45
1993 Carew Steven Stabilizing the Russian Economy: The Case for the Re-Imposition of Price Controls. 24 46
1993 Carne Sarah The Relationship Between Unemployment and Job Vacancies: The Australian Experience. 24 47
1993 Chew Mark Cost Economies of the Life Insurance Industry in Australia.  (A Multi-Product Analysis Allowing for the Effects of New Business). 24 48
1993 Chin Penelope The Sensitivity of Bank Stock Returns to Risk Factors. 24 49
1993 Choo Eugene S.Y. Nearest Neighbour Forecasts of Exchange Rates. 24 50
1993 Collins Jillian Eileen Are Australian Immigration Policy Decisions Related to Labour Market Disequilibrium?  A Study of the Demand Determinants of Immigration. 24 51
1993 Cronyn Andrew The National Players Draft, the National League and the Demand for Australian Rules Football. 24 52
1993 Deininger Rosemary Australia's Current Account and Fiscal Deficits: Twins or Distant Cousins? 24 53
1993 Durack Christopher An Empirical Window on Economic Convergence Among EC Member Nations: Testing the Necessary Conditions Using Purchasing Power Parity. 24 54
1993 Endacott Marcia Attendance at Australian Rules Football Matches 1987-1992: A Panel Study. 24 55
1993 Ferraro Salvatore An Investigation of the Money Income Causal Relationship the Australian Experience. 24 56
1993 Frewin Thomas A Causality Investigation into the Growth of Firms and of the Economy. 25 1
1993 Fung May Are Capital Gains Relevant to the Study of Australian Household Saving Behaviour? 25 2
1993 Gehr Heiko Pricing to Market by Australian Exporters. 25 3
1993 Goodridge Stephen J. The Effect of Strategic Interaction on the Firm's Decision to Postpone Entry into New Markets. 25 4
1993 Gross Steven An Empirical Investigation into the Crowding Out Hypothesis: The Australian Evidence. 25 5
1993 Hain Adam C. Markets with Excess Demand - A Sociological Phenomena. 25 6
1993 Hardiman Narelle An Analysis of Applying Tradeable Emissions Permits to Air Emissions Management.  Could a System of Tradeable Permits Be a Viable Option for Managing Air Emissions? 25 7
1993 Home Richard Speculative Stock Price Bubbles: The Australian Evidence. 25 8
1993 Huggins S.L. The Economics of Child Care in Australia. 25 9
1993 Hunt Timothy The Effect of Financial Liberalisation on Private Investment in Developing Countries. 25 10
1993 Jackson Brian Entry into Australian Domestic Aviation Markets. 25 11
1993 Johnson Leanne Testing the Satisfying Version of the Politcal Business Cycle for Australia. 25 12
1993 Jones Geoffrey M. Wage and Production Differentials in Manufacturing Industries. 25 13
1993 Kells Stuart Privatisation and Portfolio Crowding Out: Implications of the Public Sector Equity Requirement for Corporate Financing. 25 14
1993 Kelly Jonathan Superannuation, or is it? 25 15
1993 Kentley Nicole A Study of Currency Substitution in the Australian Context.  A Dynamic Approach. 25 16
1993 Kim Elizabeth Direct Foreign Investment - The Characteristics of Australian Multinational Enterprises in the Manufacturing Sector. 25 17
1993 Luke Rowan International Risk and Exchange Rate Overshooting: The Incorporation of Wealth Effects and a Term Structure of Interest Rates. 25 18
1993 McCalman Paulene The Cyclical Nature of Price-Cost Margins and the Evidence of Price-Wars: A Study of Australian Consumer Manufacturing. 25 19
1993 McLean Kate Application of the Moving Average Conditional Estimator to Testing the Hypothesis of Speculative Efficiency with Overlapping Data. 25 20
1993 Moore Craig Finals Appearances Versus Winning Matches:  Determinants of Demand for Australian Rules Football Matches.  A Time Series Study of Games in Victoria Between Victorian Teams. 25 21
1993 Neighbour Nicky N. 'Short-Run and Long-Run Elasticities for Australian Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages: An Error-Correction Mechanism/Cointegration Approach'. 25 22
1993 Nguyen Huan D. How "Natural" is the Current Natural Rate of Unemployment in Australia? 25 23
1993 Noble Andrew Monetary Aggregates: Are They Worth the Weight? 25 24
1993 Nordio Mark The Monetary Approach to the Exchange Rate: Does It Out Perform the Random Walk Model for Australia's Recent Experience with Floating Exchange Rates? 25 25
1993 Nottle Kirsty Qantas verus the Industry Commission: Maximising the Benefits from International Air Services. 25 26
1993 Peck Stephanie The Effect of Industrial and Occupational Distributions on the Gender Wage Differential. 25 27
1993 Pitts Michael Protection in the Industrialised Nations: Possible Consequences for Developing Countries. 25 28
1993 Power Sean The Causes and Dynamics of Inflation in Australia. 25 29
1993 Roach Jeff Social Security Payment and the Theories of Ricardian Equivalence and Permanent Income Hypothesis; An Australian Study. 25 30
1993 Ryan Fiona The Liberalisation of the Rice Market of Japan: Implications for Australia. 25 31
1993 Sawyers Justin David How to Beat the Random Walk an Empirical Model of Real Exchange Rates Kees G. Koedijk and Peter Schotman Journal of International Economics 29 (1990). 25 32
1993 Simpson Patrick D. Correlations Between Domestic and Foreign Capital Markets: A Causal Analysis. 25 33
1993 Smith Garner Do Railroads Deserve Economic Life Support? 25 34
1993 Sood Rajat Potential Import Competition in the Trade Practices Act. 25 35
1993 Squire Benjamin Australia's Demand for Imports in the Short and the Long Run. 25 36
1993 Strappazzon Loris Modelling Australian Interest Rates and Testing the Expectations Hypothesis Using the Arch Framework. 25 37
1993 Thompson Harley "Technical Change and Long-Run Unemployment Growth in Australia: 1961-1992". 25 38
1993 Thompson Jane Alexandra Spinoffs: The Effect on Shareholders Value. 25 39
1993 Walsh B.J.C. Politicans, Interest Groups, and Government Assistance to Manufacturing Industries. 25 40
1993 Wernert Jeremy Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics: An Application to Australian Stock Returns. 25 41
1993 Whiteley Elizabeth The Effect of the Transport Accident Commissions' Advertising Campaign on Drink-Driving. 25 42
1993 Wong Tat Chuen A Simulation Study of Optimal Monetary Policy Under Asymmetric Objective Criteria. 25 43
1993 Wright Kylie Network Externalities and Advertising. 25 44


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1994 Abbott Ian James Implementation of the Baumol Willig Rule in a 'Light-Handed' Regulatory Environment. 25 45
1994 Beuchat Luke Purchasing Power Parity: A Complete Testing Procedure for the AUD/US Exchange Rate Incorporating Fractional Cointegration. 25 46
1994 Black Jamie A Test of Competition in Australian Banking. 25 47
1994 Chua Swee Teen The Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem: Estimating the Usefulness of the Three-Factor Model in Explaining the Pattern of Trade of Australian Manufacturing Industries. 25 48
1994 Clarke Matthew Is Unemployment the Major Cause of the Decline in National Saving? : A Causal Analysis. 25 49
1994 Cornwell Antonia Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions: A Minimum Disruption Approach to Scenario Analysis for Australia. 25 50
1994 Crombie Andrew A test of the Efficiency of the Australian Options Market. 25 51
1994 Eskdale Mark Market Power and the Cost of Capital Empirical Evidence. 25 52
1994 Foo Lyn Labour Market Developments in Australia - Distinguishing Fact From Fiction. 25 53
1994 French Ashley Economic Aspects of the Contracting Out Mechanism. 25 54
1994 Gorman Caroline Exports and Productivity for Australia: A Cointegration and Granger Causality Analysis. 25 55
1994 Gray Matthew The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Metal Demand. 25 56
1994 Han Siang-Kwang Co-Integration, Error Correction, and Purchasing Power Parity Between Australia and the United States. 25 57
1994 Klobucar Anto Testing the Sensitivity of Bank Share Returns to Market, Interest and Exchange Rate Risk Factors. 25 58
1994 Knox John W.M. The Relationship Between Budget Deficit and Interest Rates: The Australian Evidence. 25 59
1994 Kritikides Anthony Thomas Can Rational Bubble Exist, Burst and Restart in Stock Prices? 25 60
1994 Lang Jacqueline Cara Tests of the Present Value Model of Stock Prices for the Australian Stock Market. 25 61
1994 Lennen Adam Horse-Race Gambling: The Economics of Demand and Optimal Taxation. 26 1
1994 Lum Yew-Choe Variance Decomposition of Australian Stock Returns. 26 2
1994 Milne-Pott Alexander Sector Performance of Australian Stocks During Bull and Bear Markets. 26 3
1994 Morris Russel Chaos and Non-Linear Dynamics in the Stock Market. 26 4
1994 Mott Nicholas Expected Stock Market Returns and Volatility in Australia. 26 5
1994 Mullins Christina Huff Gravity Modelling to Predict Supermarket Turnover. 26 6
1994 Papadopoulos Spiros International Stock Market Linkages. 26 7
1994 Preston Claire The Fisher Effect, Inverted or Not?  An Australian Time Series Investigation. 26 8
1994 Pryor Simon J. The Causes of Unemployment, the Persistence of Unemployment, and the Natural Rate of Unemployment in Australia 1966-1993. 26 9
1994 Reid Joshua M. Term Structure Properties in Theory & Practice. 26 10
1994 Ritzmann Derek P.H. Productivity in Australian Banking: Two Alternative Approaches. 26 11
1994 Rooney Catherine Long-Run Purchasing Power Parity - A Time Series Analysis Incorporating Structural Breaks. 26 12
1994 Ryan Joanne E. The Australian Current Account Deficit: A Cointegration Analysis. 26 13
1994 Saleeba Joanne The Impact of Environmental Performance on the Market Valuation of Corporations. 26 14
1994 Sawyer M. The Distributional Implications of Higher Energy Prices In Australia. 26 15
1994 Shepherd Linda The Causal Relationship Between Consumer Prices and Money Wages In Australia. 26 16
1994 Slizys Nerida Relationship Between Interest Rates and Metal Price Movements Using Australian Data. 26 17
1994 Solana Majella Examining the Causal Relationship Between Population Growth and Productivity Growth and Productivity Growth. 26 18
1994 Somjen Anne B. Do Electoral Cycles Exist?  An Investigation into Politically-Induced Business Cycles for the Australian Economy. 26 19
1994 Sprunt James J. The Effects of Liberalisation of the Japanese Beef Market on the Australian Beef Industry. 26 20
1994 Stott Andrew An Analysis of Various GARCH Specifications of Conditional Volatility. 26 21
1994 Thompson Kim C. The Baby Boom, the Baby Bust, and the Australian Housing Market. 26 22
1994 Tung Simon A. Weighted Exchange Rates: The Impact of Alternative Weighting Schemes on an Empirical Analysis on Exports. 26 23
1994 Walliss Kenneth Strategic Information Transfer in the Commonwealth Environmental Impact Assessment Process. 26 24
1994 Wells Teresa A. Forecasting the Business Cycle with Neural Networks. 26 25
1994 Yong Karen Kah Leng The Semi-Strong Efficiency of the Australian Share Market: Evidence from Recent Data. 26 26
1994 Yule Martin An Error Correction Specification of the Flow of Household Sector Saving to a Range of Assets. 26 27


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1995 Bedi Sangeet An Economic Miracle - South-East Asia. 26 28
1995 Campbell E Measuring Competition in the Banking Industry. 26 29
1995 Chmielewski Simon Income Taxes and the Choice of Organisational Form. 26 30
1995 Constable James An Examination of the Reform to Victoria's Power Industry. 26 31
1995 Decker Christopher The Relationship Between Economic Development and Income Inequality: A Re-Examination of Kuznets' Law. 26 32
1995 Douglas Grant Intertemporal Substitution and Australian Workers: An Empirical Investigation. 26 33
1995 Fels Teresa Do Network Economies Retard Technological Innovation? 26 34
1995 Ferns Stewart K. Testing the Long-run Implications of the Neoclassical Growth Model for the Australian Economy. 26 35
1995 Fry Patrick William Heteroskedastic Intra-Daily Volatility in Foreign Exchange Trading.  Meteor Showers or Heat Waves in the Australian/U.S. Dollar Market? 26 36
1995 Fung Justin Research and Development Expenditure: An Examination of the Determinants for Australian Public Enterprises. 26 37
1995 Glover Rod Explaining Unemployment. 26 38
1995 Griffin Nick Testing the Efficiency of the Australian Thoroughbred Industry. 26 39
1995 Kortlang Ben Evidence on the Persistence of Australia's Current Account Deficit. 26 40
1995 Langlands James D. An Analysis of Australia's Comparative Advantage. 26 41
1995 Lay Fatima Consumption, Permanent Income and Liquidity Constraints: The Australian Evidence. 26 42
1995 Lum Mun Keat Budget Deficits and Stock Market Returns. 26 43
1995 Luth Daniel Interest Rates and Share Market Prices: A Time Series Analysis of Causality. 26 44
1995 MacBean Lachlan The Tendency of the Australian Aboriginal Towards Relative and Persistent Poverty: A Community Based Analysis. 26 45
1995 Macdonald Ben The Effect of Alternative Methods for the Allocation of Legal Costs on the Process of Litigation. 26 46
1995 Olsen Christian The Role of Human Capital in Economic Growth. 26 47
1995 Power Benjamin Economic and Political Factors in Preferential Trade Area Formation in the 1990's. 26 48
1995 Quach Linh My A Game Theoretical Analysis of the Government's Strategical Decision to Deny Air New Zealand Entry into the Australian Domestic Airline Industry Exante to the Qantas Float. 26 49
1995 Roberts Adam Hunter The Microeconomic Determinants of Government Electoral Support. 26 50
1995 Ruegg Claes A. The Implications of Privatisation and Deregulation for Employment: Theory and Evidence for Australia. 26 51
1995 Sgro Joshua Foreign Direct Investment in a Tri-Partite Game. 26 52
1995 Slattery Jeremy The Impact of Decentralising Wage Determination Under the Accord. 26 53
1995 Steen Daniel Lothar Models for Prison Privatisation. 26 54
1995 Swartz Ben Interest Rate Spreads as Predictors of Inflation in Australia. 26 55
1995 Tropea Michael James The Equity Incidence of Public Transport Subsidies In Melbourne. 26 56
1995 Wildes Ross Stewart Rationalising Rational Expectations. 26 57
1995 Wyatt Paul J. Wage Dispersion and Labour Market Institutions in New Zealand. 26 58


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1996 Bain Elisa A. Comparative Costs of Payments Media. 27 1
1996 Berman G. The Nature of Australian Macroeconomic Data Revisions and Announcements and their Impact on Australian Financial Markets. 27 2
1996 Booth Peter The Political Business Cycle and Endogenous Elections: Evidence from 5 OECD Countries. 27 3
1996 Bui Thanh Kim Measuring Gender Wage Differential in the Australian Labour Market. 27 4
1996 Chambers Mark David Income Distribution, Economic Growth, and the Political Heterogeneity of Individuals. 27 5
1996 Coles Bradley James Financial Deregulation and Household Saving in Australia. 27 6
1996 Collins Danielle Economic Development in the Newly Industrialising Countries. 27 7
1996 Crowle Jacqueline The Causes and Consequences of Shareholder Concentration. 27 8
1996 Cumpston Nicholas Indirect Taxation in Australia: Comparing the Distributional Effects of Alternative Systems of Indirect Taxation Using the LES. 27 9
1996 D'Cruz Brett Access Pricing in the Telecommunications Industry in Australia. 27 10
1996 Gibbons Fleur Utilitarianism and Wealth Maximisation as Values Informing a Normative Economic Analysis of Law. 27 11
1996 Grollo Jason The Australian Housing Market, Macroeconomic Activity and Financial Deregulation. 27 12
1996 Lamont Glenn Exchange Rate Fundamentals: An Empirical Exploration for Australia and Developing Nations. 27 13
1996 Lian Stephen Testing Ricardian Equivalence by the Announcement Effect Methodology: Evidence for the Australian Economy. 27 14
1996 Lin Peter Chai-Hung Is Inequality Detrimental Towards Growth. 27 15
1996 Loke Chi-Shium Money Demand and Financial Deregulation in Australia: A Time Series Analysis. 27 16
1996 Mackey Craig The Expectations Hypothesis of the Term Structure of Interest Rates: A Cointegration Analysis. 27 17
1996 McKenzie Kirsty E. An Examination of Water Consumption Behaviour by Group Metered Households. 27 18
1996 Ong Cherie Systematic Risk and Market Power. 27 19
1996 Payavlas Harold Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation. 27 20
1996 Porter Naomi Horizontal Separation and Competitive Wholesale Electricity Markets. 27 21
1996 Scott Maggie Does Strategic Interaction Exist Between Countries Exporting Beef to Japan? 27 22
1996 Scutella Rosanna Obtaining an Efficient Estimate of the True Level of GDP. 27 23
1996 Sharif Mohd Ramzi Mohd Zero Inflation: Is it a Dream? 27 24
1996 Sharma John Satish Firm Size and Conditional Volatility: Empirical Evidence from Australian Equity Portfolios. 27 25
1996 Siew Alan Risk and the Economy. 27 26
1996 Street Joanne E. An Empirical Analysis of Gasoline Demand in Australia Using Cointegration Techniques. 27 27
1996 Van De Ven Justin William An International Comparison of the Effects of Inflation on Australian Inequality and Social Welfare. 27 28
1996 Wreford Peter Recent Theoretical and Empirical Work has Shown that Investment is Sensitive to the Internal Financial Factors of Firms, Such as Debt and Cash Flow. 27 29
1996 Yap E.S. Invariance of Solow's Residual and the Institutional Aspects of Economic Growth. 27 30


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1997 Allen R. Trade and FDI in East Asia. 27 31
1997 Arnott P. Alcohol Consumption in Australia: An Application of the Becker-Murphy Model. 27 32
1997 Au A.K.P. Education and Income Distribution: The Australian Perspective. 27 33
1997 Baker S. Long-Run Purchasing Power Parity: Evidence From Cointegration and Panel-Data tests for Australian Dollar Exchange Rates. 27 34
1997 Blackman M. Motivating Mergers in Australia. 27 35
1997 Chambers C. The Credit View of Monetary Transmission in Australia. 27 36
1997 Chin M.S. Modelling an Import Demand Equation for Australia. 27 37
1997 Coleman A.S. A Bio-Economic Analysis for Sustainability and Management of a Common Property Resource.  The Tasmania Trevalla Fishery. 27 38
1997 Collins R. An Experimental Study of the Three Firms Location Problem. 27 39
1997 Cotter S. Peak Pricing or Investment? How to Meet Congestion on Melbourne's Metropolitan Rail System. 27 40
1997 Dunt E. Is the Supply of Water Services a Natural Monopoly?  Theory and Evidence. 27 41
1997 Gregory R.G. Impact of Deregulation on the Stability of the Long-Run Narrow Money Demand Function. 27 42
1997 Gusberti K. Trade with Asia: Is Australia Fulfilling its Export Potential? 27 43
1997 Harris M. The Fiscal Impact of Privatisation: Australian Evidence. 27 44
1997 Hay J.M. International Competition and Union - Non Union Wage Differentials: The Australian Experience. 27 45
1997 Martin C. The Effects of a Carbon Tax on Production and Welfare in Australia Allowing for Technological Substitution. 27 46
1997 McGowan A.H. European Monetary Union. 27 47
1997 Ng M.W.M. Asymmetric Effect of Output on Inflation in the Australian Economy. 27 48
1997 Read A. An Inter-Industry Study of the Determinants of the Structure of Protection in Australia. 27 49
1997 Reid A. Promotion Probabilities: Human Capital Theory and the Role of Gender. 27 50
1997 Richards P. The Effect of Option Listing on the Underlying Stock: Australian Evidence. 27 51
1997 Scheelings R. Optimal Current Account Analysis: An Examination of the Laursen-Metzler Effect in An Infinite-Horizon Perfect-Foresight Model with Equilibrium Unemployment (Indivisible Labour). 27 52
1997 Spenning A.G. The Implications of Oligopoly Behaviour in a Tradeable Pollution Permit Market. 27 53


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1998 Bensted L. Can Consumption Growth Be Predicted in Australia? 28 1
1998 Blackham J. Industry Employment: A Study of Minimum Wage Effects and The Role of Part-time Employment. 28 2
1998 Bougias G. The International Transmission of Economic Disturbances Under Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes: The Australian Experience. 28 3
1998 Brown M. The Welfare Effects of Advertising. 28 4
1998 Cagliarini A. Stochastic Fiscal Policy in the Australian Business Cycle. 28 5
1998 Catanach D. Financial Crises: Consequences for Growth. 28 6
1998 Cheung J.T.M. Does the Exchange Rate Regime Affect the Economy?  A Case Study on Australia and Japan. 28 7
1998 Clothier B. Tariff Reform, Unemployment and Human Capital Theory: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model. 28 8
1998 Collier C. The Australian Compulsory Superannuation System: The Impact on the Accumulated Superannuation Benefit of Women. 28 9
1998 Dixon K. To What Extent Can Theories of Hysteresis in Unemployment Explain The Pattern of Unemployment in Australia During the 1930's Depression? 28 10
1998 Dyer D. An Economic Assessment of the Implications of the Prohibition of Tobacco Advertising in Australia. 28 11
1998 Felkel A. Sustainable Growth in a CGE Model With Endogenous Human and Physical Capital Accumulation. 28 12
1998 Gasparotto L. The Effects of Corruption on the Deficit-Growth Connection. 28 13
1998 Ha A.C. A Policy Framework of Immigration in a Model of Growth with an Education and Training Sector. 28 14
1998 Heaney L. The Decision to Work by Married Immigrant Women. 28 15
1998 Huynh K. An Empirical Study of Immigrant Links to the Home Country: Implications for Australia's Bilateral Trade Flows. 28 16
1998 Kam T.C.Y. Public Infrastructure Spillovers and Economic Growth. 28 17
1998 Khor K. Assessing the Impact of Export Growth on Output Growth Using Cointegration and Causality Analysis. 28 18
1998 Larcom S.T. The Formation of Domestic Prices in Australia: Some Theory and Evidence. 28 19
1998 Leuner T. The Costs and Benefits of Splitting Melbourne's Water Sector Retailing into Three Companies Under Different Ownership Proposals. 28 20
1998 McDonald A. Political Variable in Cross-Sectional Growth Analysis. 28 21
1998 Mellington N. Female Education and Child Mortality in Indonesia. 28 22
1998 Moore I. An Analysis of 'Contestability' in the Australian International Telecommunications Market between 1991 and 1997. 28 23
1998 Moore T. Modelling The Internal Structure of A Firm: When to Have an Internal Labour Market? 28 24
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1998 Wells M. Drink Driving Countermeasures: An Economic Analysis of Policy Effectiveness. 28 29
1998 Yam K. Industry Wage Differentials and The 'Cost Disease'. 28 30


Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section
1999 Addison T. The Impact of Immigration on the Labour Market Outcomes of Natives: An Australian Cross-Section Analysis. 29 1
1999 Barnett T. Habit Utility and Equity Returns: A Study of the Equity Premium Puzzle in Australia. 29 2
1999 Beech M. Ricardian Equivalence: Theoretical Absurdity or Empirical Reality, Some Australian Evidence. 29 3
1999 Cavar M. Gender Inequalities in the Provision of Vocational Training: Australian Trends. 29 4
1999 Cheng J. Financial Market Deregulation and Bank Risk. 29 5
1999 Ching Y. Share Price Reaction to Labour Economic Events: An Event Study of the Patrick Waterfront Dispute. 29 6
1999 Crane O. The Sensitivity of Australian Bank Stock Returns to Market, Interest Rate and Exchange Rate Risk During a Period of Regulatory Change. 29 7
1999 Cranston D. The Vulnerability of Singapore to Fluctuations in External Economic Conditions. 29 8
1999 Dive M. A Portrait of R & D Investment as a Determinant of Total Factor Productivity in the G7. 29 9
1999 Egan J. The Private Returns to Education: Over Time and Risk Adjusted. 29 10
1999 Feeney R Parimutuel Betting and Information Cascades. 29 11
1999 Fickling J. B. A Theoretical and Partial Equilibrium Empirical Analysis of the Effects of the Closer Economic Relations Agreement from an Australian Perpective. 29 12
1999 Hammill M. Public Capital Effects on Private Production in Australia. 29 13
1999 Hart C. Control of Non-uniform Pollutants. 29 14
1999 Hwang S. L. What Explains Inequality in Indonesia?  A Consumption Expenditure Decomposition Analysis: 1984 and 1990. 29 15
1999 Karamzalis T. Has Stabilisation Policy Been Effective in Australia. 29 16
1999 Kong I. W. H. International Stock Market Transmissions and Implications on International Equity Portfolios. 29 17
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1999 Ma L. T. D. Multiple Two-part Tariffs and Self-selection: An Analysis of the Pricing Practice in the Mobile Phone Industry. 29 23
1999 Macdonald K. From Individual to Social Welfare: The Marginal Utility of Income and the Search for a Money Metric. 29 24
1999 McLaughlin V. The Influence of Inside Information on Racetrack Betting Markets in Sydney and Melbourne. 29 25
1999 Mu F. Volatility Transmission of Equity Returns:  The Case of the Asia Pacific. 29 26
1999 Parikh S. Export-output Growth Dynamics in Singapore: An Empirical Investigation into the Export-led Growth Hypothesis Using Cointegration Analysis, Vector Error Correction Modelling and Exogeneity Concepts. 29 27
1999 Popovic I. Topple the Pillars?  Are Australia's Major Banks Competing and Should they be Allowed to Merge? 29 28
1999 Robinson C. R & D Investment in the Australian Automotive Industry: A Time-series Analysis of the Response to Import Competition and Tariff Reform. 29 29
1999 Rorke J. The Effect of a Real Wage Change on the Employment Status of Youths:  Australian Evidence 1975-1998. 29 30
1999 Sheehan G. Stuctural Inflation in China. 29 31
1999 Smith C. The Queensland-New South Wales Electricity Interconnnector: A Social Surplus Analysis. 29 32
1999 Van Onselen L. The Fiscal Implications of the Partial Privatisation of Telstra Corporation. 29 33
1999 Vogt R.. Do State Macroeconomic Variables Affect the Two Party Vote Preferences for the Victorian State Elections? 29 34
1999 Weng N. The Real Exchange Rate of the RMB and China's Balance of Trade: An Empirical Study. 29 35 & 36
1999 Wurbacher A. Effects of Water Yield and Carbon Sequestration on the Optimal Rotation of a Forested Catchment: A Dynamic Optimistaion Problem with Application to the Thomson Catchment, Victoria. 29 37
1999 Yap C. H. Does a J-curve Exist for Australia? 29 38
1999 Yeoh E. H. The Impact of Female Education and Child Mortality on Fertility in Indonesia. 29 39
1999 Yu J. An Empirical Investigation into the Australian J-curve. 29 40


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