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Masters theses are kept in Special Collections and are available for consultation in the Cultural Collections Reading Room, located on the third floor of the Baillieu Library. Theses must be pre-ordered prior to use. Requests for material can be made online prior to visiting the Reading Room. More information regarding access to theses can be found here: http://www.lib.unimelb.edu.au/collections/special/thesis.htm

They are listed here by subject and year of completion. They are also catalogued in the Library catalogue.

If you have a question about locating a thesis, contact us for assistance.

Economics, Actuarial Studies

Dong, Zhaohui.
Valuation of the Chinese equity market.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2003.

Finster, Andrew
The internationalization of the Asian brewing industry.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2003.

Hill, Paul Sydney Joseph.
An analysis of export motivation, planning orientation and exporting problems of small to medium enterprises.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2003.

Parnell, Andrew Ronald.
Diversification or core business? an analysis of large Australian companies 1994 to 1998.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2003.

Perry, Roger Taylor Bruce.
EBroking, flow and decision process support.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2003.

Sato, Manabu.
Initial capital and margins required to secure a Japanese life insurance policy portfolio under stochastic interest rates.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2003.

Smith, Stephen Patrick.
Accounting information: the use of graphs as an impression management device in takeovers.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2003.

Foley, Martin.
Internationalising business and organised labour: interactions in different Australian contexts.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2001.

Beavis, Mark A. (Andrew).
Reaffirming the nation in international relations theory: towards a richer and more powerful theory of global politics.
Thesis (M.B.A.) 1999.

Glover, Rod.
Economic rationalism : an analysis and critique.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1998.

Ryan, Angela.
Early retirement in Australia : costs and benefits.
Thesis (M.Com.) 1997.

Kempster, Thomas Edward.
The distribution of personal wealth in Australia and its effects on the economy.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1992.

Rimmer, Maureen.
Empirical estimation of primary factor substitution elasticities for broad industry groups in the Australian economy.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1990.

Adams, P.
An analysis of the short run output response of the Australian agricultural sector and the development of a "typical year" agricultural data base.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1985.

Milanese, Anthony.
An input-output approach to the assessment of the regional economic impacts of resource development : a case study of the Latrobe Valley, Victoria.
Thesis (M.Com.) 1985.

Deery, Stephen. (Stephen James).
The national stevedoring industry conference and its impact on industrial relations in the Australian stevedoring industry.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1978.

Nottle, Robert William.
The income taxation of life insurance companies and their policyholders.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1978.

McNeilly, R. J.
Australia's trading relationship with Japan.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1972.

Gammon, Marie.
Women at work.
Thesis (M.B.A.) 1971.

Mangosi, Sandro Claudio.
An economic study of the Australian packaging market.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1971.

Maslen, Alan Geoffrey Thomas.
Population growth in metropolitan Melbourne: projections of important population characteristics within municipalities at 30th June, 1975.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1968.

Maher, M. F.
A consideration of certain aspects of decentralisation.
Thesis (M.Com.) 1958.

Ronaldson, Marjorie.
The development of social services in Victoria.

Thesis (M.A.) 1948.

Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance

Cobbin, Phillip Edward.
Immediate and lagged effects on audit fees following a change of auditor.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2000.

Adsett, Ashley B.
Taxation of superannuation and other termination payments.
Thesis (M.Com.) 1997.

Rimmer, Russell J. (Russell John).
Kaldorian distribution theory.
Thesis (M.Com.) 1992.

Englezos, Costa.
Management accounting in Australia : an investigation into the reasons for the gap between theory and practice.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1991.

Trethewey, M. E. (Mark Edwin).
Essays on the determination of investment from a Kaleckian/post-Keynesian perspective with reference to the relationship between private investment and the distribution of income.
Thesis (M.Com.) 1991.

Francois, Patrick.
The finance of higher education : a public choice approach.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1990.

Gregory, James Clive.
Fairness in selection of students to a B.Business (Accounting) course.

Thesis (M.Ed.) 1990.

Lillis, Anne M.
Capital expenditure decision making in divisionalised companies : a study of the role of managerial performance measures and other contextual influences.
Thesis (M.Com.) 1990.

Byrnes, David H.
The development of the market for bills of exchange in Australia from 1961-62 to 1980-81.

Thesis (M. Comm.) 1987.

McCahey, J. E. (Jan Elizabeth).
An appropriate financial reporting framework for small companies.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1986.

Spiller, Marcus L.
Finance deregulation and urban housing markets : a critique of the Campbell Report.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1986.

Moyle, R. W.
The role of modern portfolio theory in current portfolio management practice in Australia.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1983.

Frearson, J. R.
A financial appraisal of the inertial navigation system in T.A.A. Boeing.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1982.

Martin, Carrick A. (Carrick Allen).
An analysis of the communication process in accounting: with special emphasis on indications of reactions in the short-term to published accounting reports.
Thesis (M.Com.) 1970.

Management, Industrial Relations

Hocking, John Barry.
The strategic role of expatriates in multinational corporations: knowledge transfer perspective.
Thesis (M.Com.) 2003.

Cory, Jocelyn Natasha.
International joint venture behaviour: four Sino-Australian case studies.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1999.

Ho, Christine D.
Relational demography: the impact of diversity on employee outcomes in vertical dyads and work group relationships.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1999.

Loton, Warwick Thorley.
Shareholder participation in dividend reinvestment plans and bonus share plans.

Thesis (M.Mgt.) 1995.

Parker, Rodney Paul.
Quantifying and evaluating the flexibility of advanced manufacturing technologies.

Thesis (M.Mgt.) 1994.

Roberts, Elizabeth Scott.
Information systems and their management : a study in Australian manufacturing organizations.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1992.

Breekveldt, Norah.
Award restructuring theory and practice at ACL Engine Parts.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1991.

Lillis, Anne M.
Capital expenditure decision making in divisionalised companies : a study of the role of managerial performance measures and other contextual influences.
Thesis (M.Com.) 1990.

Goh, Jimmy L. H.
Management systems and alternative funding options in a plastics recycling company.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1988.

Fethers, Campbell.
An analysis of the economics and business policy of a consulting engineering firm.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1987.

Johnston, Robert.
An alternative to government funding for the Graduate School of Management, the University of Melbourne.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1987.

Lindsay, John.
Manufacturing strategy and the strategy audit.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1987.

Nobel, Peter.
Computer applications in maintenance management systems.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1987.

Dickinson, Simon.
A review of operations at Wittner's Shoes with particular reference to the management of inventory.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1986.

McLeish, Margaret.
Some current issues in the management of courts in Victoria.
Thesis (M.B.A.) 1985.

Graham, Irene J.
Change management at Hospital Benefits Association Limited: a field study.
Thesis (M.B.A.) 1983.

Reid, Robert MacGregor.
Trade unions and worker participation in management in Australia today: a comparative study with Yugoslav self-management.
Thesis (M.B.A.) 1982.

Stach, P. E.
A feasibility study of computerising Melbourne Theatre Company.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1976.

Mann, Lawrence Russell.
Organisation development: a review of organisational development as applied in Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1975.

Mattiske, David D.
The industry which supports the Australian public telecommunications network and its capacity to absorb new technology.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1974.

Millington, R.
A critical review of stock control and production programming activities at Shell's lubricating oil blending plant, Newport.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1974.

Marsland, R. P.
Zimmerman, L. A. J.
Profitability of Borthwicks branch operation in south Queensland for 1973 to 1977.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1972.

Martyn, P. R.
A steel industry comparison - Australia and Japan.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1972.

Dahlsen, John Christian.
The strategic analysis of a law firm.
Thesis (M.B.A.) 1970.

Mahood, Martin T. H.
The effect of technology on the management aspirations of engineers in a large organisation.
Thesis (M.B.A.) 1970.

Matson, J.
The development of an integrated marketing strategy for an electric motor series.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1970.

Millar, A. G.
Marketing strategy for trichlorethylene and chemical cleaning plants.

Thesis (M.B.A.) 1970.

Milton, Hans J.
Management education for the architect.
Thesis (M.B.A.) 1969.

Economic History

Nelson, Christopher.
Tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in the beef, dairy & wheat industry in Japan, Taiwan & Thailand between 1974 & 1994.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1996.

Bertram, Michael.
A history of the Institute of Public Affairs.
Thesis (M.Comm.) 1989.

Chapman, M. (Margaret.
Freemasonry and community in nineteenth-century Victoria.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1988.

Crosthwaite, James Matthew.
The persistance of family farming : land, cows and families in Victorian dairying, 1945 to 1975, with special reference to West Gippsland.

Thesis (M.Com.) 1988.

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