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Doctoral theses are kept in Special Collections and are available for consultation in the Cultural Collections Reading Room, located on the third floor of the Baillieu Library. Theses must be pre-ordered prior to use. Requests for material can be made online prior to visiting the Reading Room. More information regarding access to theses can be found here: http://www.lib.unimelb.edu.au/collections/special/thesis.htm

They are listed here by subject and year of completion. They are also catalogued in the Library catalogue.

If you have a question about locating a thesis, contact us for assistance.

Economics, Actuarial Studies

Goo, Soo Khoon.
Financial openness and the control of capital flows in Malaysia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Suardi, Sandy
Testing for a level effect in short-term interest rates.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Tawadros, George B.
Is ASEAN also a common currency area?
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Venn, Danielle.
Work timing arrangements in Australia in the 1990s: evidence from the Australian time use survey.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Jensen, Ben.
Geographic inequality: neighbourhood externalities and education expectations.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Lakshman, Rajith W.D.
Modelling equity market inter-linkages in Southeast Asia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Lees, Kirdan.
Monetary policy for three small open economies.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Loundes, Joanne.
An analysis of Australian Firm's performance.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003

Taylor, Judy.
An exploratory investigation of the effects of deregulation on effective choice of retail bank deposits in Victoria, Australia, 1988-1993.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Lu, Lan.
A large open economy model of optimal saving with an application to China.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2002.

Austen, Siobhan.
Culture and the labour market.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Fry, Renee.
Modelling international shocks on a small open economy: specification and estimation.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Harris, Michael Stuart.
A theoretical analysis of natural resource accounting: national income, welfare, and sustainability.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Ryan, Christopher A.
Education: tests of whether it enhances productivity or merely conveys information on individual productivity in the labour market.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Song, Lei Lei.
The exchange rate and foreign trade of China, 1980-1999.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Wildes, Ross Stewart.
The economics of product differentiation: theory and computation techniques.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Wilkins, Roger Kingsley.
Immigrant earnings in Australia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Leung, Andrew P.
Demographic efficiency of overlapping generation models.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2000.

Moenjak, Thammarak.
Vocational education and the industrialisation process: the case of Thailand during the growth period, 1989-1995.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2000.

Anderson, Malcolm Edward.
Neoclassical economics and the Australian community.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Ben-David, Ra'anan.
Central bank independence and fiscal policy.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Cardak, Buly Ahmet.
Education expenditures, income inequality and economic growth.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Hepburn, Glen Andrew.
Buyer structure and Australian manufacturing industries.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Messinis, George.
Habit modification in consumption: theory and evidence.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Stewart, Mark Fergusson.
The economic effects of Australia's system of fiscal federalism.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Atkinson, Margaret E.
A micro-simulation analysis of the intra-generational effects and equity of compulsory superannuation in Australia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Bakker, Alexander.
Continuous time models and generalized exponential distributions with applications.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Chang, Philip.
International telecommunications services: natural monopoly and trade liberalisation.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Kendig, Caralee.
Takeover waves: behaviour, motives and consequences.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Tremblay, Pascal.
Information and coordination: the economic organization of tourism.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Wilkins, Nigel Phillip.
Arfima modelling in macroeconometrics.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Alvarado, Jose.
An examination of some aspects of the impact of immigration on population, ageing and social expenditure in Australia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1997.

Dowling, Bartholomew.
Entrepreneurialism, economic growth and economic development.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1996.

Guest, Ross.
Applying a model of the socially optimal levels of saving, investment and the current account deficit to Australia for the period 1960-61 to 1993-94.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1996.

McDonald, James Theodore.
An economic analysis of industrial action in Australian mining and manufacturing industries.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1996.

Wilson, Stuart Craig.
Inter-regional migration in Australia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1996.

Moorley, C. L. (Clive L.)
The demand for international tourism to Australia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1995.

Johnson, David T.
Poverty, inequality and social welfare in Australia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1994.

Kacala, Victor.
Term structure estimation using regression analysis in the yield-maturity space : an empirical investigation of the Australian semi-government bond market.
Thesis (Ph.D.), 1993.

Shannon, John Henry.
Systematic sensitivity analysis for linearized computable general equilibrium models.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1993.

Menon, Jayant.
Exchange rates and prices : the case of Australian manufactured imports.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1992.

Sibly, Hugh.
On the economics of customer markets.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1992.

White, Graham Kenneth.
The cycle and the operation of adjustment forces in a long-period theory of output.
Thesis (Ph.D) 1992.

Parsell, Bruce F.
Implications for the Australian economy of a reduction in the US budget deficit.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1990.

Adams, Philip D.
Incorporating financial assets into ORANI : the extended Walrasian paradigm.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1989.

Honu, Bright.
The employment and output implications of higher manufacturing capacity utilization in Ghana.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1988.

Horridge, Mark.
The long-term costs of protection : experimental analysis with different closures of an Australian computable general equilibrium model.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1987.

McGavin, P. A. (Paul A.)
Wages and employment : an economic evaluation of the wages policy of the Whitlam government.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1985.

Moffatt, G. G. (Graeme Gilbert).
The Australian import licensing experience: 1952-1960.
Thesis (D.Com.) 1965.

Foenander, Orwell de R.
[Industrial relations and industrial regulation inAustralia: a collection of journal articles, published works, and unpublished papers.]
Thesis [195-?]

Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance

Al Jabr, Yahya A.
Accounting conservatism: evidence from the oil and gas industry.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Joo, Chang Han.
Value of portfolio theory.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

O'Connor, Ian Patrick.
The empirical distribution of time to maturity volatility: with application to option pricing and trading.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Polsiri, Piruna.
The effects of concentrated ownership on firm restructuring: evidence from Thailand.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Scott, Callum.
Data structure and learning in financial markets: an artificial neural network approach.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Brown, Rayna May.
Efficiency, regulation and financial distress: mergers between Australian credit unions in the 1990s.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Chng, Michael T.
How exchanges compete.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Foong, Kee Kuan.
Anatomy of equity markets development and economic growth.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Johl, Kaur Shireenjit.
Auditor quality: earnings management in the context of the Asian crisis.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Mundy, Julia.
Exploring the relation between management control systems and organisational learning.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Pinnuck, Matthew.
Do fund managers realise abnormal returns from trading on current period earnings information.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Yeo, Julian Joo Liang.
Simultaneous estimation of the implied values of franked (tax-free) dividends, required rates of return and growth rates using a modified residual income valuation model.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Alsehali, Mohammed Sultan.
The value relevance of earnings and earnings components: the case of Saudi Arabia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2002.

Che-Ahmad, Ayoib.
The Malaysian market for audit services: a test of ethnic and regional quality issues.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2002.

Gygax, Andre F.
Learning across events and the dynamics of abnormal returns.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2002.

Handley, John C. (John Christopher).
Essays on the pricing of equity derivatives.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2000.

Jubb, Christine A.
Choosing an auditor: corporate governance, interpersonal associations and investor confidence.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2000.

Pereira, Robert.
Genetic algorithm optimisation and adaptation of technical trading rules for financial markets.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2000.

Lee, Alina Hsiu Hui.
The appropriateness of reliance on accounting performance measures: is it a case of culture or task uncertainty?
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Tan, Christine Ee Lyn.
To liquidate or to merge: that is the question.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Lillis, Anne M.
Manufacturing strategy and performance measurement system design.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Roberts, Elizabeth Scott.
User information satisfaction: the effect of a strategy - MIS scope alignment and the role of information system management.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Thomson, Genevieve.
Strategy, management control systems and organizational effectiveness: an empirical analysis.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Martini, Christine.
Some optimization problems in aspects of taxation.
Thesis (Ph.D) 1993.

Ng, A. Chew.
Prediction of corporate failure : human judgments and financial decision making.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1993.

Romano, Claudio.
The role of formal planning and control systems in the growth of small business.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1991.

Seddon, Peter.
An architecture for computer-based accounting information systems.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1991.

Wright, Ken.
Asset values and enterprise income.
Thesis (D.Com.) 1986.

Management, Industrial Relations

Ainsworth, Susan Alice.
The discursive construction of older worker identity.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Coleman, P. L. (Les)
Risk and decision making by Australian managers.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Dery, Kristine Frances.
How do organisations align human resource management with information technology: an exploratory study of four Australian firms.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Dodic, Jelena.
Branding capability: a firm's perspective on building brands.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Feirud, Lise.
The effect of static and dynamic safeguarding mechanisms on relationship.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Hearn Mackinnon, Bruce.
Strategic management and employee relations: CRA/Rio Tinto's de-unionisation campaign 1991-2001.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Lawson, Benn.
Capturing the gains from innovation: assessing the effectiveness of appropriation mechanisms.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Lotia, Nuzhat.
Dynamics of power and learning in collaborations.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Nair, Shoba.
The impact of human resource management practices on organisational commitment: a study of the information technology industry in Australia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

O'Flynn, Janine Louise.
Competition and contracts: implementing compulsory competitive tendering in the Victorian local government sector.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Staelens, Jan Marc.
The impact of environmental regulations and stakeholders on corporate environmental strategies and performance of Japanese mutlinational enterprises in Asia-Pacific.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Terawatanavong, Civilai.
Relationship sentiment and relationship outcomes: the moderating role of market orientation and bilateral interdependence.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2004.

Buttigieg, Donna M.
A triangulated approach to the study of union commitment, participation and exit behaviour.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003

Fleming, Peter James.
Diogenes goes to work: culture, cynicism and resistance in the contemporary workplace.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Ho, Christine D.
Understanding workforce diversity: an exploration of psychological safety and other dynamics in teams.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2003.

Harris, Edwyna Margaret.
Treading water: an analysis of institutions and natural resources sustainability: the case of the Murray River.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2002.

Knox, Angela Jane.
Labour management in transition: employment regulation, business strategy and labour utilisation in the luxury hotel industry.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2002.

Barbara, Julien Marcel.
The role and effectiveness of the wage fixing principles of the federal conciliation and arbitration system as a source of social protection.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Kuncoro, Mudrajad.
The economics of industrial agglomeration and clustering, 1976-1996: the case of Indonesia (Java).
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Ngansathil, Wichitra.
Market orientation and business performance: empirical evidence from Thailand.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Paladino, Angela.
Comparing the resource based view and market orientation to understand organisational performance.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2001.

Burchielli, Rosaria.
Union employee perceptions of the effectiveness of trade unions.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2000.

Barrett, Rowena.
Does size matter?: employment relations in small firms.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2000.

Fenwick, Marilyn.
Control and expatriate performance management in Australian multinational enterprises.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 2000.

Bell, Simon J.
Organisational learning and internal marketing.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Cooney, Richard (Richard Frederick).
Group work and new production practices in the Australian passenger motor vehicle manufacturing industry.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Kenely, Monica.
The pattern of change in the economy and society of the Western District of Victoria 1890-1934.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

Maitland, Elizabeth T. (Elizabeth Thirlestane).
Contract and expansion: sovereignty, transitional economies and Australian MNES.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1999.

McLeod, Colin S. (Colin Scott).
Commercialising innovation: the management of technology partnerships.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Preiss, Kenneth J.
The innovation potential of socio-cognitive complexity in organisations.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1998.

Chang, Phillip.
International telecommunications services : natural monopoly and trade liberalisation.
Thesis (D.Com.) 1997.

Johnston, Carol.
Leadership and the learning organisation in self-managing schools.
Thesis (Ed.D.) 1997.

Edwards, Ron (Ron W.)
Award restructuring: a critical analysis.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1996.

Gahan, Peter.
Australian unions and arbitration : a dependent relationship? : evidence from historical case studies.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1996.

Erwin, Peter John.
Work team effectiveness in high technology manufacturing.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1995.

Teicher, Julian.
Employee participation and industrial democracy in Australian government employment : 1983-1988.
Thesis (Ph.D.), 1990.

Benson, John William.
Shop stewards in the Latrobe Valley.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1988.

Maxwell, Val.
Redundancy, early retirement and changing employment conditions in Australia.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1987.

Bailey, John E. (John Ernest).
The small business owner-manager in Australia : characteristics, performance and development.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1986.

Economic History

Abbott, Malcolm J.
Public sector intervention and the Australian iron and steel industry, 1905-39.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1994.

Benjamin, Rodney.
Private and public regulation of the general insurance industry in Australia, 1897 to 1992.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1993.

Kennedy, Malcolm J.
The role and significance of bullocks and horses in the development of Eastern Australia, 1788-1900.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1988.

Ali, Md. Wazed.
Rural credit and land transfers in three villages of Bengal, 1920-1947.
Thesis (Ph.D.) 1987.

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