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Brazenor, Richard
The determinants of foreign direct investment in Australia
Gow, Samuel
Producing signals: adapting Spence's job market signalling model to develop a simple model of schools 
Helm, Tim
A model of adjustment costs and asymmetric price transmission 
Michel, Veronique
Advertisement in directed search model 
Ng, Gerald Soon Chye
Public policy, entrepreneurship and economic growth in Singapore : an economic model
Robinson, Cameron
Inter-industry wage differentials in Australia : a re-examination following decentralisation of wage bargaining arrangements in the 1990s 
Veisman-Apter, Miriam
Political cycles in economic policy instruments: evidence from government assistance to agricultural industries in Australia 
Yusuf, Yusuf
The impact of ICT on labour productivity: an analysis of small to medium sized Australian firms


Burkhart, Mark
The Australian Phillips Curve: a changing relationship

Dorazio, Daen
Decomposing the Victorian business cycle: the role of common and idiosyncratic shocks

Ghantous, Suzan Summer
Export performance and technological innovation: the Australian case Harkness, Michael Residential mortgage prepayments in Australia Hutachareon, Paroche Innovation and Market Value: An Analysis of Selected Australian Firms Jatursrivilai, Nahathai Determinants of Total Factor Productivity: Differences by Income Level, Trade Group and Geographical Region Kennedy, Pauline An assessment of two alternative institutional structures for dealing with 'supply reliability' effects in a water market Laketa, Milan Globalisation and income inequality: Evidence from time series and cross-sectional data analysis Ming, Joyce Chai Hui Growth and the size of countries Neira, Bettina A. The effect of trade liberalization on income distribution: The case of Chile Noronha, Neha Wastes (In) Recycling Parker, Steven Australia's PPP post float relationship: Unit roots and nonlinear thresholds Saprungrueng, Sitthidej The effectiveness of the intervention of the Australian dollar: Event study and GARCH model Tsen, Alan Policy, mergers and closures. How do they effect petrol prices? Wainscoat, Luke Modelling upstream mergers in bilateral oligopolies using the Cournot and bargaining approaches Wood, Danielle An Investigation of Risk Aversion on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" Yu, Jeahun The Entry Regulation and Corruption


Desta, Meron
Labour market outcome of foreign-born African immigrants in Australia
Keat, Kua Wooi
The Malaysian encounter: Sources of growth in Malaysia (1960-2000) 

Maves, Scott
Valuing fast response storage gas in the competitive spot market: An investigation of the decision problem facing producers

Mohd Sharif, Mohd Ramzi
Inflation targeting in Malaysia

Naughtin, Andrew
Habit based consumption measures of short term real rates with application to the real interest rate gap

Owen, David
Jump-diffusion modelling of Australian spot electricity prices

Rapoport, Adam
Without fear or favour? Modelling Australian regulatory behaviour

Read, Andrew
Operationalising the capability approach: a multidimentional index of disadvantage for Australia

Wright, Steven
Recorded music piracy and copyright regulation: welfare analysis


Blackman, Julian
Youth wage dynamics in Australia: An Analysis of the Australian Youth Survey, 1989-1994

Chalermchaich, Worachit L.
The determinants of Australian foreign direct investment (FID): an empirical study

Faeth, Isabel
Australian outward FDI and exports: substitutes or complements?

Ferguson, Ben
Are the effects of interest rate shocks asymmetric in Australia? Evidence and implications

Hill, Sam
The Philippines: East Asia's Outlier?

Hong, Zhen Quan
Estimation of industrial competitiveness by measuring market power in industries

Kells, Stuart Sydney
Expert estimates and sequential auctions in Australian rare book auctions

Keng, Bernard Low Tze
Rates of return and panel estimates on University education in Singapore

Lay, Chung Fa
Forecasting Australian real GDP and the CPI using a structural VAR: an analysis of accuracy

Petch, Jefferson
Apprenticeship training in the Australian construction industry: 1952 to 2002

Thakur, Praveen
Effectiveness of the IMF supported programs during the Asian financial crises

Vilavong, Buavanh
The effect of economic reforms on Lao output


Chris, Paul
Investment in Capacity and Entry Deterrence Reconsidered

Dvornak, Nikola
Airline countervailing market power: an application of game theoretic bargaining models to airport-airline negotiations

Herjanto, Frans
Test of purchasing power parity: evidence from Asian countries

Kelly, Natalie
The failure of deregulation in the Australian domestic aviation industry

Parnell, Andrew Ronald
Diversification or core business? An analysis of large Australian companies 1994 to 1998

Shomos, Anthony
Merger incentives and trade liberalisation

Wai, Ling Lee
Does Expatriation and Repatriation Functions Lead to Successful Overseas Assignments?

Wai, Ho Leong
Evaluating the Technical Efficicency and Performance of Commercial Banks in Singapore, 1993 to 199


Cannington, David
Recent Australian income distribution: decomposition analyses, 1981-82 and 1994-95

Chaipanichapu, Supachai
The big push, natural resource booms and growth: futher empirical evidence on Middle East Countries and Asian Countries

Chan, Polu
Search Costs in the Ecommerce Environment

Davis, Warwick
Entry regulation and economic efficiency - actual costs and potential benefits of taxi-cab regulation

Fehring, Campbell
Testing the validity of Long Run Cost Curves: An application of data envelopment analysis (DEA) measuring efficiency
levels in the Victorian Dairy Industry

Goldsworthy, Brenton
The Extreme Value Theorem and Market Risk

Guerra, Adrian
D'Aspremont, Gabszewicz and Thisse revisted

Lee, Wee Ling Sophia
The Economics of the Asian Dollar

Liyanaarachchi, Tilak Susantha
Real Exchange Rate Behaviour - Evidence from Canada and Australia

Ngai, Lawrence Chi-Wai
The Rise and Fall of Executive Stock Options

Reyes, Glenda T
Consequence of Public Debt on Investment, Inflation and Economic Growth: The Case of the Phillipines

Roger, Guillaume F
ATM interchange fees - Artificial prices and costs

Yam, Kevin
A Reexamination of the forward Exchange Premium 'Puzzle': A Time Varying Parameter Approach


Babet, Jennifer Marie
An examination of the effects of hedging on exchange rate pass-through

Bowley, Christopher James
Do real wages vary with firm profitability?

Cowling, Sally Ann
". . . not a new tax a new tax system"  Equity, redistribution and indirect tax reform

Forrester, Kathleen Maree
An analysis of the characteristics of Australians who spend long hours
in market work and the activities they give up to do this

Goh, Mei Ling
Contagious currency crises in East Asia

Hia, Ching Ping Audrey
The scope for monetary integration in the Asia Pacific

Knights, Stephen Roland
Dynamic relationships within the Australian labour market: 
heterogeneity and state dependence

Kusump, Sasilada
Unit root tests for PPP examination: GLS estimation on panel data

Marsden, Freya Verity
Government capital and private sector productivity: Recent Australian experience

Murtough, Gregory Andrew
Labour market adjustment to cuts in government assistance: 
The case of Australian manufacturing

Reynolds, Paul Nicholas
Share ownership, financial deregulation and the wealth effect - Australian evidence

Siriwardena, Dilani
Public investment and economic growth in Sri Lanka

Smith, Penelope Anne
A non-linear investigation into international influences upon the Australian economy

Tapu, Mele'ana
Evidence on the importance of remittances as a determinant of savings in the South Pacific Islands

Toohey, Timothy Francis
Output gaps and inflation modelling: An idustry based approach for the 
identification of price pressures
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