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Nainggolan, Yunieta Anny
Optimal trading range and firm value in East-Asian capital markets around the Asian financial crisis
Hazledine, Matthew
The efficient frontier, factor misspecification and pricing errors  


Huang, Kuang-Po
Closed-end country funds and investor sentiment: does trading strategies based on fund discounts generate abnormal returns?

Liu, Baofeng
Forecasting and trading Shanghai stock exchange A-share index: an evaluation of artificial neural network as a forecasting tool  
Liu, Chang
The dynamics of Australian short tern interest rate  

Maina, James
Interest rate sensitivity of bank stock returns: an Australian study

Pan, Lucy
Co-integration between two soybean futures markets
Panchal, Kunal
Modelling the probability of successful merger bids in Australia  
Peranginangin, Yessy A.
How the Jakarta stock exchange reacts to information: a speed of adjustment coefficients study in a thin trading market  
Thaviwatanachaikul, Chalermchai
Pipos and benchmarking  
Wang, Sheng
Price momentum and trading volume over the intermediate and long term horizons: empirical evidence from the Australian stock market
Vallance, Christian
Political and partisan cycles and the stock market
Zhou, Yuwei
Does idiosyncratic risk matter? Evidence from Australia


Chi, Kong Hwee
Does borrowing from banks make corporate investment less contrained by internal liquidity?


Gong, Hao
Differences of opinion and stock returns in China

Karamugic, Lejla
Characteristics of merger targets in the telecommunications industry

Popovic, Igor
Real options and the Australian telecommunications industry access regime: is it really an option?

Sheppard, Emmett
Merger waves and synergy bias: the follower's curse

Taylor, Bruce
The characteristics and determinants of corporate bond spreads

Wong, Janet
A comparison between convertible bonds and non-convertible bonds option-adjusted spreads: a case study

Xin, Irene Koay Yi
The benefits of international portfolio diversification in the Australian market

Yue, Wei
Corporate spin-offs: intra-industry information transfer and long-term operating performance


Gani, Jeffri
The dynamic relationship of exchange rate and Australian inward cross-border M&A of resources (oil & mining)
companies: empirical evidence based on vector autoregressive model (VAR)
Griggs, Darren Information leakage and the efficient market Lai, Selina Cross-border bank mergers and rival's impact Hwei, Yeee Sandy Hum An Analysis of volume-Based Price Momentum Stategy: Does it Work in the Australian Equity Market? Ma, Sau Wing Management of credit risky portfolios Masli, Eryadi Kordi An empirical analysis of the pricing structure of equity warrants in Thai stock exchange Murray, Paul A parametric calibration of the Libor market model Mustopo, Suhadi The reaction of rivals to mega-merger announcements in the financial services industry Schmidt, Andre Characteristics and performance of acquired IPOs: Empirical Evidence in Australia Wang, Jin Hua Which price is more rational, A or B share price? Empirical evidence from the Chinese stock market


Alamsjah, Vonny
Modelling and Forecasting Indonesian Stock Market Volatility

Aries, Yan Kit Chong
Testing the Dynamic Relationship of Financial Market: A Model comparison Approach

Binh, Huu Do
Relative Performance of Dynamic Portfolio Insurance Strategies: Australian Evidence

Chang, Chi-Ying
A GARCH investigation of volatility, volume, maturity and structural change in share price index futures contracts

Price, Volume and Bid-Ask Spread Effects Associated with Changes in the LQ 45
Index and the MSCI Equity Index Lists

Horsfall, Alan
A Unified Framework for Multi-dimensional Complete-market Option pricing Trees

Ikin, Christopher C
The demand determinants of non-audit services

Kian, Sin 
The Valuation of E-Trailers: A Real Options Perspective

Kim, Loong Choo
Anatomy of Dividend Initiation Firms

Le Huong, Giang Truong
Determinants of Corporate Hedging Policy: Australian Evidences

Mohamed, Karamiah
The impact of information technology investment announcement on firm value:
Australian evidence

Pitathumawuttikul, Pitsit
Comparing different methods of calculating historical Value at Risk (VAR)

Silveri, Sabatino
To split or not to split - is that the question?

Siu, Pang Au-Yeung
Regulatory Change and Structural Effects in Hang Seng Index Futures and the
Underlying Cash Market

Smith, Camille Elizabeth
The Long-Run Performance of Australian Stock Returns Following Debt Offerings

Suvannartana, Yui Waewdow
The Effects of Ownership Structure on Information Asymmetry and Market Liquidity

Vee, Cheng Yong
The Information content of On-Market Share Buybacks in Australia: Free Cash Flow vs
Signalling Hypothesis

Yeoh, Rita
Debt driven improvements after unsuccessful takeover bids


Callaghan, Bill
Clearing and integrity of futures markets: the asymptotic distribution of extreme returns and optimal margin setting

Chan, Elaine Yee Lee
Announcement effect of income security in Australia - case studies

Chan, Janus
Intra-industry effect of bank privatization: the case of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Calissi, Melanie
'Sabbotage in the service sector: a study of emotional labour and sabotage in the hospitalisty sector' Hwei, Yee Sandy Hum
An analysis of volume-based price momentum strategy: does it work in the Australian equity market? Lie, Thresiana Are the benefits from international diversification still statistically significant? Neo, Hwi Lin Market reaction to dividend omission announcements: free cash flow or signalling Wang, Sally Yun Hedging bond portfolio subject to credit risk and credit derivatives Wijaya, Juliana Examine the wealth effect of secondary placement: an event study
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