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Palmer, Anne
What factors should Australian law firms consider in the recruitment and retention of potential law graduates: 
A study of contemporary law student perceptions and their implications for law firms' HR recruitment and retention strategies in the future.
Wilson, Chris The effects on engaging non-core workers: An examination of sales and personal service workers using the
Australian Workplace Industrial Relations Survey 1995


Baumgatner, Anthony
Work satisfaction of agency psychatric nurses in Melbourne

Kavanagh, Peter
Using 'due process' in performance appraisal: towards an explanatory model of performance appraisal fairness

Mellis, Scott
Emotional labour and the influence of organisational identification

Porter, Jennifer
The EU directive on informing and consulting employees - are non-union employee representatives up to the task?

Runco, Alexia
Trade union density decline and industrial action in the construction industry

Trbic, Novela
Manufacturing performance during downsizing - A study of Arnott's Biscuits Burwood plant closure

Webster, Penny
A preliminary study on non-compliant behaviour: a definition and organisational correlates



Aris, Aishah
Impact of cultural factors on work-related values of Chinese managers in Singapore

Engesaeth, Harald
The nature of flexibility: an assessment of four perspectives on work flexibility

Oritsland, Linda M
Emotional labour in the Australian service industry - a research into the effects of emotional labour on call centre
agents in Melbourne


Agelidis, Catherine
The effects of the Workplace Relations Act on women workers

Bleeser, Naomi
String bag legislation: government enforcement of employee's minimum entitlements under Victoria's Employee Relations Act 1992
Byrne, Holly L
Judgements of fit in the selection process: an analysis of external recruiter practices

Delavec, Nada
The third way: can it provide a way forward for Victorian industrial relations?

Goh, Mae
Australian workplace agreements: an exploratory research report examining the 
content of a smaple of Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs)
Henningsen, Danelle The Changing nature of the employment relationship and it's effects on organisational commitment: comparing the American evidence with what is happening in Australia Knopp, Kerri School or Profession? A Study of the Causes and Implications of Teacher Commitment Kossenko, Anastassia A study of academic performance appraisal outcomes: a case study Leihy, Peodair Seamus Only in Australia: wages, politics and society in Australia's first century McCarroll, Ross Business Process Reengineering: Lessons to be learned from a small Government Agency Moran, Elizabeth Assessment centres: construct validity and the effect of assessor to candidate ratio O'Brien, Tom Making it Fit: The Transfer of a Japanese Management Practice into an Australian setting Raco, Rosa Barriers to female selection for expatriate assignments Smith, Kylie How will employees respond to the introduction of a performance management system? Thyer, James Work and family policies at GPS Vaai, Saleimoa Performance management in the Samoan public service



Angelidis, Catherine
The Effects of the Workplace Relations Act on Women Workers

Aynsley, Maryanne
Laoubr Market Adjustment in Australia and New Zealand

Caithness, Ron
A decade of enterprise bargaining in Australia: A case of diminishing returns or ongoing opportunities

Calissi, Melanie
Sabotage in the service sector: a study of emotional labour and sabotage in the hospitality sector

Chan, Ivy
The effects of feedback on changes in self-efficacy, performance and probability judgment biases: implication for 
organizational behavior and human resource management
Goldberg, Rebecca The effect of employment status on levels of absenteeism and turnover Hodges, Daniel Training and Development in a Call Centre Environment. Controlled Rhetoric or Committed Reality? Johnston, Emma Stress, absence and productivity in call centres Meewella, John Suresh A case study/field research report based on volunteers at Antional Volunteer Department iin World Vision Australia with a focus on volunteer job satisfaction, and how their behaviour may lead to organisational commitment and turnover intentions of volunteers Shore, Lori Attracting and retaining workers in the knowledge economy: a CEO perspective Thibault, Donna Pursuing systems thinking as a pathway for understanding and guiding organisation change Trebilcock, Melanie The Relationship between HRM and organizational and employee outcomes White, Pam The Impact of Family Friendly Policies on alleviating the negative consequences experienced by individuals and organisations by Work and Family Conflict Whiteside, Sarah The relationship between employee share ownership and particularly HR practices in contemporary Australian workplaces Wingrove, Anita Does self-awareness moderate the relationship between leadership behaviour and performance and
leadership behaviour and rate of promotion?
Worthington, Robin Generation X - the Recruitment and Retention Challenge


Bates, David Michael
Workplace flexibility and labour turnover in the 'new' local government

Calafiore, Joseph
The determinants of trade union membership: an Australian case study

Chee, Pei Li
Building organizational intelligence: integrating information processing and knowledge creation perspectives

Chiu, Shirley Kam-Wing
Empoyee involvement: its impact on job satisfaction and productivity in contemporary Australian workplaces

Clayton, Kerrie
Outsourcing: the implications for organisational commitment

Dalton, Natasha Merryn
Innovation and change in Japanese human resource management: a study of four Japanese multinationals

De Mel, Kishani Tamara
An empirical study of factors that influence temporary worker satisfaction

Hawker, Carey Rachel
An exploratory study of the determinants of dysfunctional turnover among lawyers from a large, private law firm

Joachim, Elissa Francoise
Exploratory study using AWIRS95 on workplace which underwent major reorganisations for 
workplace structure due to merger.  Focusing on the links between workplace-communications, 
employee satisfaction and labour productivity

Leong, Emma Caroline
The impact of information technology on teachers

Luong, Bao-Lien
Collectivism and respect for authority among vietnamese professionals 
in Saigon (Vietnam) and Melbourne (Australia)

McLean, Heidi Lenore
An investigation into the motivation and job satisfaction of interim managers

Mullner, Deirdre Alice
Discretion and technological monitoring in call centres.  White-collar factory work or professional 
knowledge of work?

Norman, Linda
Sources of power impacting on organisations: An exploratory study

Pete, Sasha Jan
Downsizing and work strain: An AWIRS95 insight

Ritlewski, Daniel Fabian
Changing Paradigms of performance management: An analysis of current developments and trends

Robinson, Erica Jane
Investigation into the causes of under-representation of women at partnership level in law firms

Rothwell, Joselyn Renee
Health and well-being in the Australian public sector: A case study

Tang, Raymond Lip Hang
Labour market flexibility and firm performance: Evidence from the 1995 Australian workplace industrial 
relations survey (AWIRS95)

Terry, Carolyn Jane
Towards the development of a "safety culture" in a large retail organisation

Watson, Shiona Maree
Job stress and social support within accounting firms

Whiteley, David
The impact of downsizing on an internal labour market: A case study of Global Resources Company

Wilkins, Peter Matthew
The Curragh performance review system - An agent for culture change

Zographos, Susan
Does the 'management' of emotion at work improve the delivery of customer service
excellence? A multi-dimensional study of emotional labour in a Call Centre workplace

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