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The Map Collection holds a wide range of digital maps and GIS data. This data can be used in GIS (geographic information systems) such as ArcGIS and MapInfo, or exported for use with other software such as Autocad and Photoshop.

The Map Collection administers the University's Research Agreement with the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE). This is a site license allowing access to GIS data for research and educational use by staff and students of the University of Melbourne only. This includes both the VicMap framework spatial data and other DSE GIS layers and raster data.

The following list is a selection of our most commonly requested digital map layers. You can find out more about each layer by clicking on the title to view its record in the Library Catalogue. The Library record may also include a link to metadata supplied by the dataset publisher.

Click here for more information about digital mapping data, including Datums & Projections.

World | Australia | Victoria | Melbourne


Global Digital Elevation Model Data (90m worldwide free to download from CGIAR - Consortium for Spatial Information)
GTOP30 - Global Digital Elevation Model Data (worldwide 30-arc second, approx. 1 kilometer from U.S. Geological Survey)
World 250k Map (includes political boundaries and coastline)
World International Boundaries & Coastline


[Download free GIS data and imagery from Geoscience Australia]

9 Second DEM and Flow Elevation- 2008 (gridded digital elevation model, points every 250m, Geoscience Australia). Free at: www.ga.gov.au
Maritime Boundaries (AMBIS 2001 v.1.1, Geoscience Australia)
Raster 250K 4rd Ed. 2008
(AUSLIG 1:250 000 maps as raster images). Free at www.ga.gov.au

Topo 2.5M (Australia-wide seamless data, for small scale mapping, Geoscience Australia)
Vegetation, Present
(Australia's vegetation in the mid-1980s, Geoscience Australia)
Vegetation, Natural(Australia's probable vegetation ca. 1788, Geoscience Australia)

(1996 Australian census data, ABS; includes GIS data)
(2001 Australian census data, ABS; includes GIS data)
CData2006 - online and totally free at: www.abs.gov.au. GIS polygon and line files: 1259.0.30.002 - Statistical Geography (ASGC), Digital Boundaries , 2006

NSW, Victroia, South Australia

River Murray Mapping 2nd ed (colour aerial photos & data, MDBC)

Victoria [see also Australia]

Topography - see VicMap Elevation below
VicMap Vegetation - 2005
(EVC, current and pre-european settlement)
VicMap Address
(statewide address points)
VicMap Admin
(LGAs, suburbs, localities, townships , postal areas, and others)
VicMap DEM
(1:25 000 digital elevation model)
VicMap Elevation
(contours, spot heights, morphology)
VicMap Elevation
- Coastal 0.5 contours and DEM
VicMap Hydrographic
(Rivers, streams, dams etc, statewide)
VicMap Features
(Lankmarks inc. Lookout, Parks, Schools and Hospitals)
VicMap Property
(Every land parcel in Victoria)
Vic Map Planning
(Victorian Planning Scheme, land)
VicMap Lite
(Victoria-wide seamless data, for small scale mapping)
VicMap Transport
(statewide roads, rail, airports, ferries)

VicMap Contours (Melbourne metropolitan area, 1 metre intervals, "as is")

Drainage Basins - 2002
(Basin100, Major River Basins, DSE)
Forest Types (Statewide forest classification, DSE)
Geological GIS Data 2008 - ESRI & Mapinfo (Geological Survey of Victoria)
Geophysics, Located Airborne (Geological Survey of Victoria)
Grampians National Park GIS data - 2001 (Parks Victoria)
Gridded Airborne Geophysics (Geological Survey of Victoria)
Land Systems (Geomorphology, lithology, climate, landforms, DSE)
Land Use (Broad agricultural land uses, DSE)
Marine Park Boundries (Marine national parks and marine sanctuaries, DSE)
Oil & Gas - 2002 (Onshore & offshore facilities and pipelines, DSE)
Parish Boundaries (Parish500, DSE)
Parks, RAMSAR Wetlands & Police - 2002 (Administrative boundaries)
Postcodes - See Vicmap Admin
Raster 100K (1:100 000 AUSLIG maps as raster images, GeoImage)


About GIS Data and Digital Maps

Additional Datasets | Data on Demand | Data Formats | Projection & Datum | Conditions of Use

Additional datasets:
The above list of datasets is a selection of our GIS data and digital maps. Many of these datasets include a wide range of themes and layers. Records for all of our digital mapping datasets are available in the Library Catalogue. Please contact the Map Collection for more information.

Data on demand:
If you require digital map data that we do not have, we are happy to assist you to locate data to meet your requirements. Once such data has been identified we are normally willing to acquire this data and make it available to you and other students and researchers. Please contact the Map Collection to discuss your requirements.
You can find spatial data using the following search engines:
Victorian Spatial Data Directory
Australian Spatial Data Directory
World Wide - FGDC Clearinghouse (US) - Clearinghouse Concepts, Questions & Answers

Data formats:
Nearly all of our data is held in either ArcView (ESRI Shape) or MapInfo format. We are happy to translate data between these formats for you, or to export data to other GIS formats, or to a range of other formats including Autocad and Photoshop.

Data Projection / Datum:
Library catalogue records for GIS data held in the Map Collection includes projection and datum information. You can view the catalogue records by following the links from the list of data. For more information about the AMG and MGA projections, and about the AGD66 and GDA94 datums, visit Geoscience Australia's Geocentric Datum of Australia page (especially "Geoscience Australia's overview of GDA"). For more information about the VicGrid, VicGrid94 and Vicmap projections, visit the Land Victoria Technical Documents page (VicGrid and VicGrid94 are at the bottom of this page).

GDAit (GDA94 InTerpolation) is software that can be used to transform coordinates from the current Australian Geodetic Datum (ADG66/84) to the new Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA94). It was developed on behalf of Land Victoria by the Department of Geomatics at the University of Melbourne.

The GDA Technical Manual and other Data Projection/Datum Transformantion Software can be download here.

Conditions of Use:
Most of our datasets are held under research and educational licenses; copies of these datasets can be provided to academics and students of The University of Melbourne for research and educational purposes only. You will need to complete and sign a usage agreement before you can access the data. A few datasets are held under more restrictive licenses; these may only be used in the Map Collection or by staff of the University of Melbourne in their offices on campus.

Further Information:
If you have any questions please contact the Map Collection.


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