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These outline maps are provided so that you may download them and use them as a base for showing your own information. Copyright and additional information.

Outline maps for other parts of the world can be found in many locations on the Internet, including The Education Place.

These outline maps are copyright University of Melbourne 2001. You may freely reproduce these maps for personal, research, educational, not monatery profit use. No other uses are permitted without written permission from the University of Melbourne.

Additional Information. The maps are in GIF format, which is compatible with nearly all graphics and word processing software. Maps are provided in three sizes; which size is best for you will depend on what software you are using and how large you want the map to be in your completed document. To download a map simply right click it and save a copy to your computer. For example you might download a suitable outline map, insert the map into your Word document, and add a couple of annotations to the map showing the area of your reseach.

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