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In 2003 I created some map images to be used for publicity. I later took the page down but never it seems removed the images and due to some clever search engines the images were recently unearthed and brought to my attention. On request I am now restoring all of these images to share to everyone again.

As these reduced images are almost ten years old they aren't as high resolution as what can be expected now. If I get enough responce I will consider modernisising these maps for use on current technology. In the mean it however please enjoy as still look pretty good.

Click on the maps to link to the larger image or the map title to link to the library catalogue record.

Plan of Melbourne showing proposed new railway station. 1878

Victoria or Port Phillip [1851?]

Whitehead's new map of Victoria, 1877

Australiasia. 1851


Carte de la partie septentrionale de l'empire Otoman -- contenant la Crimée, la Moldavie, la V. 1777

Nova totius Graeciae, Italiae, Natoliae, Hungariae nec non Danubii fluminis -- cum adiacentib. regni. 1660

An elegant & correct view of London, as it appeared before the Dreadful Fire in the year 1666

Nova totivs terrarvm orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabvla. 1630

Maps are for personal use only. Permission is required for publication or hosting elsewhere.

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