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Arcangelo Corelli. Trio Sonatas, Op.3 (partbook, 1689)

There are at least three dozen editions of Corelli’s Op. 3 Trio-sonatas from the century following their first appearance. This partbook is from the very first edition, printed in Rome by the Bohemian-born Giovanni Giacomo Komarek, with a title page engraved by Nicolas Dorigny, and in a vellum binding dating within a few years of publication. The music is printed from moveable type; each lozenge-shaped note, with its own short segment of stave-lines, has a separate piece of type. In less conservative centres than Rome this technique was falling into disfavour by 1689. The part represented here is for a low stringed instrument, either bowed or plucked. “Violone” normally signifies a double bass, but in this context Corelli probably intends a violoncello. The plucked alternative, an “arcileuto” or archlute, was a type of lute with additional strings to extend its bass range. Because the archlute could also play chords above the bass, this part has figures to indicate the harmonies.

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Cover page.
Title page (engraved).
Page 7 of music (moveable type)


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