Rare Books

Australiana Collections

The Australiana Collections comprise books and some serials, newspapers and pamphlets published in Australia or on Australian subjects or by an Australian author. The cut-off date for inclusion in Rare Books is a publication date before 1900; however, there is a considerable amount of material that was published after that date.

The largest of the Australiana collections - the AX collection - originated from books that were formerly on the Library's open shelves. The three other collections of Australiana general works which complement the AX collection - the McLaren, Meanjin Books and the Grimwade Collections - originated from the private libraries of three donors.

Also included amongst the Australiana collections are any works that have emanated from the University of Melbourne: the Thesis Collection, the University Collection and the Melbourne University Press collection, and the several collections named after the individual or the organisation who has donated them.


General Guides

Access and Availability

Material in the Australiana Collections may be accessed through the Cultural Collections Reading Room in the Baillieu Library. Requests for material can be made online prior to visiting the reading room. To request material, please use our online request form.

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