Banned Books in Australia A Special Collections-Art in the Library Exhibition

Cindy Mann

Drawing a Fine Line

Cindy Mann, Drawing a Fine Line


Each poster-style drawing poses dual questions to the viewer – right, wrong – looking at both sides of issues surrounding banning of books, repercussions and consequences.  These take universal and general themes, basically categorised as sex, politics and religion, turning on themes such as violence/rape, for example, and degrees of differences in why bans are levied (e.g. protection of women and children;  respect for institutional and foundational beliefs; community living standards and so forth).  Banning of books in Australia is the source inspiration of the drawings.

Pencil on paper prepared with gesso.

Drawings on paper, poster-style, x 2 (diptych) dimensions 84 cm (h) x 60 cm (w) each.

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