Banned Books in Australia A Special Collections-Art in the Library Exhibition

Banned Books in Australia: A Selection

William Adlington (trans.), The golden ass of Lucius Apuleius (banned 1933–1936)

Richard Aldington, All men are enemies (banned 1933–1953)

Richard Aldington, The colonel’s daughter (banned 1931)

Nelson Algren, Never come morning (banned 1951)

C.E. Allen, Homosexuality (banned 1958)

C.E. Allen, The sexual perversions and abnormalities (restricted 1946–1969)

Stuart Anderson, The how and why of birth control (banned 1937)

Anon., Hash cookery (banned 1970)

Anon., The hippie papers (banned 1968)

Anon., The mad, mad world of Aubrey Beardsley (banned 1969)

Anon., Marihuana (banned 1969)

Anon., Memoirs of Cardinal Dubois (restricted 1936)

Anon., The strap returns — new notes on flagellation (banned 1936)

Abdullah Azzam, Defence of the Muslim lands (refused classification 2006 to present)

Abdullah Azzam, Join the caravan (refused classification 2006 to present)

James Baldwin, Another country (banned 1963–1966)

Honore de Balzac, Droll stories (banned 1901–1923)

Marjorie Barnard & Flora Eldershaw, Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow (abridged before publication, 1947; published in full, 1983)

Joan Beauchamp, British imperialism in India (banned c.1935–1937)

Simone de Beauvoir, The Marquis de Sade: An essay (banned 1956–1973)

Brendan Behan, Borstal boy (banned 1958–1965)

Riza Bey, Darkest Orient (banned 1938–1953)

George Bishop, Sex behavior of the American divorcee (banned 1966)

Jean Blanche, The outsiders (banned 1958–1971)

Iwan Bloch, Anthropological studies in the strangest sex acts (restricted 1936–c.1960)

Iwan Bloch, Sexual life in England past and present (restricted 1939–1969)

Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron (banned 1923–1936)

Seigneur de Brantome, Lives of fair and gallant ladies (restricted 1935)

Ruth Bronsteen, The hippy’s handbook (banned 1967)

Nancy Bruff, The manatee (restricted 1946–1963)

Charles Bukowski, Notes of a dirty old man (banned 1969)

William Burnaby (trans.), The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter (banned c.1930)

William S. Burroughs, Dead fingers talk (banned 1964–1973)

William S. Burroughs, The naked lunch (banned 1960–1973)

William S. Burroughs, The soft machine (banned 1966–1973)

Sir R.F. Burton, Anthropological notes on the sotadic zone of sexual inversion (restricted 1937)

Sir R.F. Burton (trans.), The Kamasutra (banned c.1900–1968)

Erskine Caldwell, God’s little acre (banned 1933–1958; banned in Victoria 1959)

Erskine Caldwell, Journeyman (restricted 1941–1958)

Alex Carlson, She-male: The sex-reversal true story of Coccinelle (banned 1966)

James Hadley Chase, The dead stay dumb (banned 1953)

James Hadley Chase, Lady here’s your wreath (banned 1942–1958)

James Hadley Chase, No orchids for Miss Blandish (banned 1939–1958)

Eustace Chesser, Love without fear: A plain guide to sexual technique for every married adult (restricted 1941)

Charles Chiniquy, Fifty years in the Church of Rome (banned 1950–1958)

Charles Chiniquy, The priest, the woman and the confessional (banned c.1879–1958)

John Cleland, Memoirs of a woman of pleasure (Fanny Hill) (banned c.1920–1940; restricted 1940–1973)

Robert Close, Love me sailor (banned 1946–1960; author and publisher convicted of obscene libel)

Leonard Cohen, Beautiful losers (banned 1967–1973)

Sidonie Colette, The gentle libertine (banned 1931)

Jackie Collins, The stud (banned 1969)

Jackie Collins, The world is full of married men (banned 1968)

Troy Conway, The Berlin Wall affair (banned 1969)

C.E. Cooke & E.F. Ross, Sex can be an art (banned 1965)

Eric Corder, Slave ship (banned 1971)

D.W. Cory, The homosexual outlook: A subjective approach (restricted 1954)

Sheila Cousins, To beg I am ashamed (banned 1938–1961)

John Cromwell, A grain of sand (banned 1954–1970)

Angelo d’Arcangelo, The homosexual handbook (banned 1969)

J.P. De River, The sexual criminal: A psychoanalytical study (restricted 1950)

Daniel Defoe, Moll Flanders (banned 1930–1937; restricted 1940–1973)

‘Anne Desclos’, The story of O (banned 1965)

Jean Devanny, The butcher shop (banned 1926–1958)

Jean Devanny, The virtuous courtesan (banned 1935)

Directorate of Psy-War Planning, Republic of Vietnam, Viet Cong atrocities and sabotage in South Vietnam (banned 1967)

Alfred Doblin, Alexanderplatz (banned 1934)

J.P. Donleavy, The ginger man (banned 1957–1967)

John Dos Passos, 1919 (banned 1932–1937)

William Drake, The connoisseur’s handbook of marijuana (banned 1972)

Bret Easton Ellis, American psycho (R-rated in Australia, banned in Queensland 1991 to date)

Guy Endore, Satan’s saint (banned 1966–1970)

Guy Endore, The werewolf of Paris (banned 1952)

Margaret Eyles, Commonsense about sex (banned 1934–1943)

James Farrell, Studs Lonigan (banned c.1935–1936)

Irving Fineman, Dr Addams (banned 1941)

W.C. Firebaugh (trans.), The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter (banned c.1930)

Dave Fleming, The complete guide to growing marijuana (banned 1970)

Ian Fleming, The spy who loved me (banned 1962)

Gordon Foster, Too near the sun (banned 1956)

Ralph Fox, The class struggle in Britain (banned c.1933–1937)

Ralph Fox, The colonial policy of British imperialism (banned c.1933–1937)

Ralph Fox, Communism (banned c.1933–1937)

Sanford Friedman, Totempole (banned 1966–1970)

Jean Genet, Funeral rites (banned 1970)

Jean Genet, The miracle of the rose (banned 1966–1972)

Jean Genet, Our lady of the flowers (banned 1964–1972)

Jean Genet, Querelle of Brest (banned 1967–1972)

Jean Genet, The thief’s journal (banned 1965–1972)

Paul Gillette, Psychodynamics of unconventional sexual behavior and unusual practices (banned 1967)

Paul Gillette, An uncensored history of pornography (banned 1966)

Lawrence Glassop, We were the rats (banned and publisher sued for obscenity 1946)

Robert Goodyear, Mrs Loveday (banned 1945–1958)

Terence Greenidge, The magnificent (banned 1933)

Rene Guyon, Sexual freedom (restricted 1939)

Radclyffe Hall, The well of loneliness (banned 1928–1939)

Jack Hanly, Bed for beginners: Being a gentleman’s guide to scientific seduction (banned 1938–1953)

J.M. Harcourt, Upsurge (banned 1934–1958)

Frank Hardy, Power without glory (withdrawn 1950, author charged with criminal libel; re-released 1951 on ‘not guilty’ verdict)

Frank Harris, My life and loves (banned 1926–1973)

Inge & Sten Hegeler, An ABZ of love (banned 1963–1969; banned in Queensland 1969)

Ernest Hemingway, A farewell to arms (banned 1931–1937)

J.P. Hendry, Secrets of love and marriage (restricted 1946–c.1961)

George Henry, Sex variants: A study of homosexual patterns (restricted 1950)

‘Stefan Heym’, Hostages (restricted 1943)

Chester Himes, If he hollers let him go (banned 1950–1958)

E.W. Hirsch, The power to love (restricted 1940–1967)

Magnus Hirschfeld, Sexual anomalies and perversions (restricted 1946–1964)

Abbie Hoffman, Steal this book (banned 1971)

Abbie Hoffman, Woodstock nation (banned 1970)

David Holbrook, The quest for love, (banned 1965)

Barry Humphries, The wonderful world of Barry McKenzie (banned 1968–1971)

Allen Hutt, The condition of the working class in Britain (banned c.1934–1937)

Aldous Huxley, Brave new world (banned 1932–1937)

'J', The sensuous woman (banned 1972)

James Jones, The thin red line (banned then released 1963)

James Joyce, Dubliners (banned 1929–1933)

James Joyce, Ulysses (banned 1929–1937, restricted 1941–1953)

Benjamin Karpman, The alcoholic woman: Case studies in the psychodynamics of alcoholism (restricted 1950–c.1970)

Pauline Kohler, I was Hitler’s maid (banned then released on appeal 1941)

Fernand Kolny, The amorous adventures of a gentleman of quality (banned 1950–1972)

Jerzy Kosinski, The painted bird (banned 1968)

Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Psychopathia sexualis (restricted 1937)

Phyllis & Eberhard Kronhausen, Pornography and the law (banned 1960–1968)

Choderlos de Laclos, Les liaisons dangereuses (banned 1929–1937)

Hedy Lamarr, Ecstasy and me (banned 1967–1973)

D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s lover (banned 1929–1965)

T.E. Lawrence & Bruce Rogers, The mint (banned 1955–1971)

Timothy Leary, Ralph Metner & Richard Alpert, The psychedelic experience: A manual based on the Tibetan book of the dead (banned 1968)

Gershon Legman, The limerick: 1700 examples with notes, variants and index (banned 1956–1973)

Vladimir Lenin, The State and revolution (banned c.1930–1937)

J.P. LeRoy & D.W. Corey, The homosexual and his society (banned 1964)

Joseph Lewis, The bible unmasked (banned 1929–1964)

Robert Lindner, The jet-propelled couch, and other true psychoanalytic tales (restricted 1957–1970)
Jack Lindsay (trans.), The complete works of Caius Petronius Arbiter (banned c.1930)

Norman Lindsay, Age of consent (banned 1938–1962)

Norman Lindsay, The cautious amorist (banned 1933–1953)

Norman Lindsay, Redheap (banned 1930–1958)

‘Jay Little’, Maybe – tomorrow (banned 1955–1971)

H.W. Long, Sane sex life and sane sex living (banned c.1935; restricted 1937)

Pierre Louys, Aphrodite (banned c.1930–1936)

Pierre Louys, La chanson de bilitis (banned c.1930–1936)

William McCarthy, Bible, Church, and God (banned 1943–1958)

Larry McMurtry, The last picture show (banned 1967–1973)

Norman Mailer, An American dream (banned 1965–1971)

Norman Mailer, Why are we in Vietnam? (banned 1968–1973)

‘Ern Malley’, The darkening ecliptic (publisher Max Harris convicted of indecent publication 1944)

Paolo Mantegazza, The sexual relations of mankind (restricted 1935)

Jean Marcade, Eros Kalos: Essays on erotic elements in Greek art (banned 1963–1971)

Felicien Marceau, Flesh in the mirror (banned 1957)

Hans Marchwitza, Storm over the Ruhr (banned c.1933–1937)

Steven Marcus, The other Victorians (banned 1966–1971)

Robert Masters & Jean Houston, Psychedelic art (banned 1968)

E.P. Mathers (comp.), The thousand and one nights (banned 1930–1938)

‘Clare Meredith’, This bright summer (banned 1934–1958)

Grace Metalious, Peyton Place (unexpurgated edition banned 1957–1971)

Grace Metalious, Return to Peyton Place (banned 1960–1971)

Grace Metalious, The tight white collar (banned 1967)

Henry Miller, Black spring (banned 1948–1970)

Henry Miller, Nexus (banned 1955–1973)

Henry Miller, Plexus (banned 1955–1973)

Henry Miller, The rosy crucifixion (banned 1970)

Henry Miller, Sexus (banned 1955–1973)

Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer (banned 1949–1956; restricted 1956–1971)

Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn (banned 1949–1956; restricted 1956–1971)

Charles Mingus, Beneath the underdog (banned 1972)

Albert Moll, Perversions of the sex instinct: A study of sexual inversion (restricted 1935–1969)

Alberto Moravia, The woman of Rome (banned 1950–1958)

Nancy Morgan, City of women (banned 1953–1969)

Joseph Mouet (trans.), Casanova’s memoirs (banned c.1930; expurgated translation by Arthur Machen and Madeleine Boyd passed 1935)

Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita (banned 1958–1965)

Muhammad Ibn Umar al-Nefzaoul, The perfumed garden (banned 1929–1968)

Robert Neumann, 23 women: The story of international traffic (restricted 1940–c.1968)

Adolf Niemoller, The American encyclopedia of sex (restricted 1937)

Phillip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart, The peaceful pill handbook (refused classification 2007)

John O’Hara, Appointment in Samarra (banned 1935–1954)

John O’Hara, Butterfield 8 (banned 1950–1963)

George Orwell, Down and out in Paris and London (banned 1933–1953)

George Orwell, Keep the aspidistra flying (banned 1936–1954)

Ovid, The love books of Ovid (banned 1926–1936)

Joachim Pauly, Der sexuelle Fetischismus (restricted 1961)

La Forest Potter, Strange loves (banned 1936)

William Powell, The anarchist cookbook (banned 1970)

L.P. Powys, Apples be ripe (banned 1930–1958)

François Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel (banned 1926–1929)

‘Pauline Reage’, The story of O (banned 1972)

Erich Maria Remarque, All quiet on the Western Front (banned in NSW 1930)

Humphrey Richardson, The sexual life of Robinson Crusoe (banned 1956)

Harold Robbins, The adventurers (banned 1968–1971)

Harold Robbins, The carpetbaggers (unabridged edition banned 1961–1971)

Harold Robbins, The inheritors (banned 1969)

William Robinson, Sexual impotence: A practical treatise (banned 1939–1969)

C.H. Rolph, The trial of Lady Chatterley (banned 1961–1965)

Panama Rose, The hashish cookbook (banned 1970)

Harold Rosen, Therapeutic abortion (banned 1963–1969)

John Rosevear, Pot: A handbook of marihuana (banned 1968)

Philip Roth, Portnoy’s complaint (banned 1969)

Joseph Royce, Surface anatomy (banned 1966)

G.R. Russell, Phallic worship (restricted 1942–1968)

Marquis de Sade, Justine (banned 1936–1973)

Marquis de Sade, Oeuvres completes (banned 1967)

Marquis de Sade, The 120 days of Sodom (banned 1957; restricted release 1973)

J.D. Salinger, The catcher in the rye (banned 1956; ban lifted after copies seized from Commonwealth Parliamentary Library 1957)

Shirley Schoonover, Sam’s song (banned 1970–1973)

George Scott, Modern birth control methods (banned 1936–1956)

Hubert Selby, Last exit to Brooklyn (banned 1965–1973)

Cecil E. Skitch, Woman’s destiny and birth control (banned 1928)

Manning Slater, Sex offenders in group therapy: The personal experiences of a clinical psychologist (banned 1966)

Agnes Smedley (ed.), Short stories from China (banned 1935)

T.R. Smith, Poetica erotica (banned 1937; restricted 1941–c.1967)

Wilbur Smith, The train from Katanga (banned 1966)

Terry Southern & Andy Warhol, Blue movie (banned 1971)

Terry Southern & Mason Hoffenburg, Candy (banned 1960–1973)

Mickey Spillane, The big kill (banned 1969)

Mickey Spillane, I, the jury (banned 1951–1967)

Mickey Spillane, Return of the hood (banned 1967)

Norman Spinrad, Bug Jack Barron (banned 1970)

Norman Spinrad, The men in the jungle (banned 1972)

W.D. Sprague, Sexual rebellion in the sixties (banned 1966)

Olaf Stapledon, Sirius (banned 1945–1958)

Christina Stead, Letty Fox: Her luck (banned 1947–1958)

Wilhelm Stekel, The homosexual neurosis (banned 1947)

Wilhelm Stekel, Sadism and masochism: The psychology of hatred and cruelty (restricted 1940)

Bernhard Stern, The scented garden: Anthropology of the sex life in the Levant (restricted 1935–1971)

Irving Stone, Pageant of youth (banned 1936–1958)

Marie Stopes, Wise parenthood (banned 1918)

Anthony Storey, The rector (banned 1971)

Prof. C.H. Stratz, Die Rassenschönheit des Weibes (restricted 1936)

Prof. C.H. Stratz, Die Schönheit des weiblichen Körpers (restricted 1936)

‘Mary Jane Superweed’, Drug manufacturing for fun and profit (banned 1971)

‘Mary Jane Superweed’, The super grass grower’s guide (banned 1972)

Alex Szedenik, Psycho-sexual problems (banned 1966)

Marie-Louise Tailhade, Secrets d’alcove: les parfums de l’amour (banned 1937)

Prof. Benjamin Tarnowsky, Pederasty in Europe (restricted 1936)

Kenneth Tynan, Oh! Calcutta (banned 1969)

Gore Vidal, The city and the pillar (restricted 1950–1966)

Gore Vidal, The judgement of Paris (banned 1953–1958)

Gore Vidal, Myra Breckinridge (banned 1968–1973)

Carlson Wade, Sexual behavior of the lesbian (banned 1967)

Frank Walford, Twisted clay (banned 1935–1959)

Kipp Washington, Some like it dark: The intimate biography of a negro call girl (banned 1966)

Samuel Wegman, The strap returns: New notes on flagellation (banned 1936)

Mae West, The constant sinner (banned 1935–1948)

Mae West, She done him wrong (banned 1934–c.1968)

Oscar Wilde (trans.), The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter (restricted 1935–1951)

Edmund Wilson, Memoirs of Hecate County (banned 1946)

Edward Windsor, The Hindu art of love (banned 1934)

Kathleen Winsor, Forever amber (banned 1945–1958)

‘L.T. Woodward’, Sophisticated sex techniques in marriage (banned 1969)

Erich Wulffen, Woman as sexual criminal (restricted 1936)

Xiaoxiaosheng, The golden lotus (restricted 1948–1968)

W.H. Young, Eros denied (banned 1965–1967)

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