Rare Books

Aubrey Beardsley - A Tribute

Artists and Book Production

Specialist publishers were inspired by William Morris' Kelmscott Press and artists became involved in all stages of book production.

Beardsley designed a number of elegant bindings for publications by Lane and Smithers: Salome, The Rape of the Lock and The Poems of Ernest Dowson.

Chelsea-based artist Charles Ricketts, subsidised by lawyer Llewllyn Hacon, established The Vale Press in the early '90s for which Ricketts designed the Vale Type seen here in the 1897 publication The Poems of Sir John Suckling, the famous Restoration gallant and gamester. It was also used in Fair Rosamund (1896), the collaborative play by Michael Field.

Lucien Pissarro's Eragny Press, founded in 1894, worked in association with The Vale Press. The exhibition includes its publication of Jules La Forgue's Moralites Legendaires using the Vale Type, illustrated with woodcuts by Pissarro, printed on handmade paper and bound in paper boards printed in colour with a simple flower design.

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