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Aubrey Beardsley - A Tribute

Bibliography of Exhibits

The Challenge of Decadent Art

Punch, Punch Publications Ltd., London, [1841]-.

Volume 106, April 21, 1894, 'Ars Postera. Lets Aveanue Poster!' [poem on Mr Aubrey Beer de Beers].

Volume 107, October 20, 1894, 'A Phalse Note on George the Fourth (A Brown Study in a Yellow Book) by Mortarthurio Whiskersley' and 'Airs Resumphie (after Bossetti). Portrait of the Artist in Bed'.

Volume 108, February 2, 1895, 'The Queer and the Yellow Book' by Max Mereboom. 'Picture by our Own Yellow-Booky Daubaway Weirdslay …'

The Influence of French Culture

Claude Du Bosc (active 18th century), Pierot, after Antoine Watteau (1684-1721), etching, n.d.

Nicolas Delaunay (1739-92), Le chiffre d’amour, after Jean-Honoré Fragonard, etching, n.d.

S. Juairez (active 18th century), Le rende-vous comique, aquatint, 1724.

Edmond and Jules De Goncourt, La Femme au dix-huitième siècle, Librairie de Firmin-Didot, Paris, 1887; 'La Guinguette', engraved by J. Basan after G. de Saint-Aubin.

Claude Joseph Dorat, The Kisses (Les Baisers) Preceded by the Month of May, translated by H.G. Keene and illustrated with the original copper-plate engravings after the designs of C. Eisen and C.P. Marillier.Vizetelly, London, [18–?]; 'The Kiss'.

Charles Baudelaire, Petits poemes en prose, Les fleurs du mal (1857 edition), Les paradis artificiels, translated by Arthur Symons, The Casanova Society, London, 1925.

Verlaine, Paul, Rimbaud raconté par Paul Verlaine, avec quatre déssins de Verlaine, introduction et notes de Jules Mouquet. Mercure de France, Paris, 1934; 'Arthur Rimbaud' and 'Les voyages forment la-jùnesse' by Verlaine.

Huysmans, J. K., A rebours, Fasquelle Éditeurs, Paris, 1955.

The Studio

The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art, Studio International Publications, London, 1893-1964.
Showing examples of work by Beardsley and influential contemporaries: their interest in Japanese print making; and contemporary comment on Beardsley by Joseph Pennell and Gleeson White.

Volume 1 (April 1893), 'Merlin taketh the child Arthur into his keeping', illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley from Malory’s Morte d’Arthur; illustration for article by Joseph Pennell, 'A New Illustrator: Aubrey Beardsley'.

Volume 2 (October1893), illustrations for review of Le Morte d’Arthur and Oscar Wilde’s Salome, both illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley.

Volume 3 (April 1894), 'Suede Gloves (Gants de Suède)', by James McNeill Whistler.

Volume 4 (October 1894), illustrations of wood cuts by Utamaro, from article by S. Bing, 'The Art of Utamaro'.

Volume 5 (April 1895), 'A New Book Illustrator: Charles Robinson'.

Volume 6 (October 1895), 'Isolde', by Aubrey Beardsley (chromolithograph).

Volume 8 (June 1896), 'Herodias', by R. A. Bell.

Volume 10 (February 1897), 'Book Plate' and an unpublished pen drawing, by Byam Shaw; illustrations for article by Gleeson White, 'The Work of Mr. Byam Shaw'.

Volume 13 (February 1898), article by W. Gleeson White, 'Aubrey Beardsley: In Memoriam', with drawing by Aubrey Beardsley, 'Rejane'.

Brothers, Ann, A Studio Portrait: The Marketing of Art and Taste 1893-1918, History Dept., University of Melbourne, Parkville, Vic., 1993; original cover design for The Studio by Aubrey Beardsley.

The Yellow Book and The Savoy

The Yellow Book: An Illustrated Quarterly, Elkin Mathews & John Lane, London, 1894-7 (Ballantyne Press, London).
Works by Beardsley and his circle, including Charles Conder and Walter Sickert’s portrait of the writer and friend of Oscar Wilde, Mrs Ernest Leveson.

Volume 1 (April 1894), 'Night Piece by Aubrey Beardsley'.

Volume 2 (July 1894): 'Six Drawings by Aubrey Beardsley', 'Garçons de Café'.

Volume 3 (October 1894), 'Four Drawings by Aubrey Beardsley', no. 3, 'The Wagnerites'.

Volume 4 (January 1895), 'Three Drawings by Aubrey Beardsley', no. 3, 'Portrait of Miss Winifred Emery'.

Volume 5 (April 1895), 'Two Sketches by Walter Sickert', no. 1, 'Portrait of Mrs Ernest Leveson'.

Volume 11 (October 1896), 'Two Pictures by Charles Conder', no. 1, 'Recreations of Cupid'.

Volume 13 (April 1897), 'Two Pictures by Charles Conder', no. 2, 'A Masque'.

The Savoy, no. 1 (January 1896)-no. 8 (December 1896), editor: Arthur Symons, Leonard Smithers, London, 1896. Contains illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley and others.

Volume 1 (January 1896), frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley.

Volume 4 (August 1896), 'The Death of Pierrot' by Aubrey Beardsley.

Artists and Book Production

Jacobus de Voraigne, The Golden Legend, translated by William Caxton and edited by F. S. Ellis, with 2 wood engraved illustrations by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Kelmscott Press, Hammersmith, 1892. Wood engraved illustration, 'The Lyfe of Saynt Andrew'.

Ramon Lull, The Order of Chivalry, translated by William Caxton, with L’Ordene de chevalerie, translated by William Morris, Kelmscott Press, Hammersmith, 1893. Wood-engraved frontispiece by Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

William Morris, The Wood Beyond the World, Kelmscott Press, Hammersmith, 1894. Wood-engraved frontispiece by Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

The Pageant, edited by C. H. Shannon and J. W. G. White. Henry & Co., London, 1896-7 vols 1-2 only published).

Volume 1, Title page by Selwyn Image.

Volume 2, 'Perseus and the Sea-Maidens' by Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

Joseph Pennell, Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen: Their Work and Their Methods: A Study of The Art To-Day with Technical Suggestions, 3rd ed., MacMillan, London, New York, 1897, c1889.
Two illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley; left hand page: 'The Lady of the Lake Telleth Arthur of the Sword Excalibur', from Sir Thomas Malory’s Morte Darthur; right hand page: 'The Peacock Skirt', from Oscar Wilde, Salome.

John Gray, Silverpoints, Elkin Mathews and John Lane at The Bodley Head, London, 1893.

Catullus, The Carmina of Catullus, translated by Sir Richard Burton, edited by Leonard Smithers, privately printed for the translators, London, 1894,

Sir John Suckling, The Poems of Sir John Suckling, edited by John Gray, woodcut decorations by Charles Ricketts, Hacon & Ricketts, London, 1896.

Michael Field, Fair Rosamond, woodcut decorations by Charles Ricketts, Hacon & Ricketts, London, 1897.

Jules Laforgue, Moralites legendaires, woodcuts by Lucien Pissaro, 2 vols, Eragny Press, London, 1897-8.

Michael Field, Julia Domna, woodcut decorations by Charles Ricketts, Hacon & Ricketts, London, 1903.

James McNeill Whistler, 1834-1903, Catalogue of Paintings, Drawings, Etchings, and Lithographs, published by Heineman for the International Society of Sculptors, Painters, and Gravers, London, 1905.

Arthur Symons, Parisian Nights: A Book of Essays, Beaumont Press, Westminster, 1926.

Beardsley Books

Lucian’s True History, translated by Francis Hicks, illustrated by William Strang, J. B. Clark and Aubrey Beardsley, with an introduction by Charles Whistler, Privately Printed, London, 1894. 'A Snare of Vintage' by Aubrey Beardsley.

Oscar Wilde, Salome:A Tragedy in One Act, illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley, Elkin Mathews and John Lane, London, 1894.

Alexander Pope, The Rape of the Lock: An Heroi-Comical Poem in Five Cantos, illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley, Leonard Smithers, London, 1896.

Ernest Dowson, The Pierrot of the Minute: A Dramatic Phantasy in One Act, illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley, Leonard Smithers, London, 1897.

Ernest Dowson, The Poems of Ernest Dowson, with a memoir by Arthur Symons, four illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley and a portrait by William Rothenstein, 3rd ed., John Lane, The Bodley Head, London, 1909.
Heading by Aubrey Beardsley; binding designed by Aubrey Beardsley.

Arthur Symons, Aubrey Beardsley The Sign of the Unicorn, London, 1898. 'Isolde' and 'The Donor’s Reward' illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley.

Aubrey Beardsley, Under the Hill: And Other Essays In Prose and Verse, 2nd ed., John Lane and the Bodley Head, London, 1913.

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