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Emperor's Girdle


Zhonghua wuqiannian wenwu jikan bianji weiyuanhui, eds. Zhonghua wuqiannian wenwu jikan: Fushi pian [Five thousand years of Chinese art: Chinese Clothes and Accessories]. Taibei: Zhonghua wuqiannian wenwu jikan bianji weiyuanhui, 1986, pp.370-371

Baillieu Library East Asian Collection Baill EA ST 6011 C541F1 v.2

Emperor's girdle chao dai for wearing with semi-formal robe. Drawstring aromatic purses with Manchu script detailed on the outer ones in seed pearls and gold beads, the inner one in Peking knot. Knife purse, compass purse and toothpick case.

The girdle chao dai made of woven silk was part of the imperial and official insignia that denoted rank and the privileges to be accorded to the wearer. The colour of the girdle imparted this information.


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