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'Peter Carter-Brown' (A.G. Yates), Ssssh! - She's a Killer

'Peter Carter-Brown' (A.G. Yates). Ssssh! - She's a Killer. Sydney: Transport Publishing, 1952.

Alan Geoffrey Yates (1923-85) began his writing career as a contributor to Horwitz's Scientific Thriller series in the 1940s. He also wrote westerns, romances and horror stories - under various pseudonyms, including 'Paul Valdez' and 'Tex Conrad' - but was soon persuaded to concentrate on crime fiction.

He initially published under the name 'Peter Carter Brown', or 'Peter Carter-Brown', until 1958 when 'Carter Brown' was judged more appealing to the American market.

Between 1951 and 1984 Horwitz published hundreds of 'Carter Brown' titles, many of which were taken up by the American paperback publisher Signet, individual titles achieving sales of up to 200,000. They were also highly popular in Europe.

Yates's books formed the basis of an Australian radio series, The Carter Brown Mystery Theatre (1956-8) and a musical, The Stripper, produced by the Sydney Theatre Company in 1982.

Ssssh! - She's a Killer was one of Horwitz's Carter Brown Lovely mystery series: 52 novelettes published between 1951-4 as a special cheap edition. Other titles include Death Date for Dolores, Dead Dolls Don't Cry and Floozies out of Focus.

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