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'Marc Brody' (W.H. Williams), Baby Your Racket's Busted

'Marc Brody' (W.H. Williams). Baby Your Racket's Busted. Sydney: Horwitz, 1957.

Marc Brody was the creation of W.H. 'Bill' Williams (d. ca. 1990), a journalist and editor of the Melbourne Truth who also wrote war novels under his own name.

Back covers of the Brody books claim that Brody served in Tobruk and New Guinea and was 'married to a former ballet dancer of the Bodenweiser group'; the photograph of 'Brody' on these books is that of Williams himself, so at least some of the claims about Brody may well be true of his creator.

Some 82 Marc Brody novels were published between 1955 and 1960 and reprints continued to appear during the 1960s. Brody was a newspaper reporter in a fictional American city. With the introduction of television into Australia in the late 1950s, he moved to the new medium: the last eight books style him as 'T.V.'s on-the-spot crime reporter'. One of Brody's assignments, chronicled in Hood for a Honey, brought him to Australia; others took him to Egypt, Mexico and Hong Kong, but the vast majority were set in North America.

The 'Marc Brody' books held by the University of Melbourne are from Williams's own collection.

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