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Database guide: ISI Web of Knowledge

Direct Export for Windows

Problems using Direct Export from ISI databases have been reported by users of Firefox and EndNote 7. Try Internet Explorer instead.

Medline ISI - In EndNote 7 the Direct Export to Endnote option does not bring across page numbers and subject headings. An filter file has been created and is available from the University of Melbourne EndNote page Download the filter and use the “saving & importing” instructions below.

Method 1 - Records all on one page

Tip: it is possible to increase the number of records displayed in the Search Results Summary Window. Above the list of individual records, in the pull-down list, change Show 10 per page to Show 25 or 50 per page.

Method 2 - Records over a number pages

Saving and importing records for Windows

Saving and importing records for Mac

If you have set up an email auto alert from ISI Web of Knowledge, use the Web of Knowledge filter (WoK Alert.enf (ISI)). Download the filter from:

Emailing and importing records

Medline note

The journal titles in Medline are abbreviated, therefore they import/export into Endnote in abbreviated form. The Medline/PubMed databases use the Index Medicus abbreviations assigned by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), and are sometimes known as the “NLM abbreviations" or “Medline abbreviations".

EndNote can cope with the problem of journal abbreviations by means of its term lists. It is possible to import ready-made term lists into your EndNote library. The University of Queensland Library has produced a medical journals term list which is based on a list of 9,000 journals prepared by the makers of the EndNote software, augmented by a further 500 titles which have begun publication in recent years:

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