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What is UMER?

The University of Melbourne ePrints Repository is an institutional repository to capture, preserve, showcase and disseminate the scholarly works of the University’s staff and students.  The aim is to maximise the visibility of the University’s research outputs.  Documents deposited in UMER include published and unpublished works such as: theses, conference papers, working papers, reports, book chapters and journal articles.

What is an ePrint?
An ePrint is a digital version of a research document (usually a journal article, but could also be any other scholarly output) that is accessible online, whether from a local institutional, or a subject based digital repository.

What are the benefits of Open Access to researchers?
  • Increased citation
  • Exposure
  • Research impact measures
The Institutional Repository is indexed by Google, Trove and many other internet search engines.

UMER Statistics

Statistics on individual works can be accessed from the Digital Repository record by clicking on the statistics icon.

Search the UMER Collection

Use the quick search box below to search for a particular item in UMER, as well as browse items by subject, author, year and so on.

Perform more detailed advanced search. For more information on searching the UMER Collection please download pdf.


Depositing a Mandatory Digital Thesis

Research Higher Degree students enrolled from 1st January 2007 are required to submit an electronic copy of their thesis into UMER as prescribed under the Examination of Graduate Research Students Policy (MPF1207).

Online tutorials:

Open Access option

Restricted Access option

Depositing NHMRC-funded articles


Depositing Other Publications and Thesis
(for candidates who commenced prior to 2007)

Deposit into UMER with your central username and password. Former staff or students can have their works deposited by contacting

Please note: It is not possible to use the Safari browser to deposit items into the repository. MAC users will need to use Firefox

Contact us

Digital Repositories Team
University of Melbourne Library
T:   8344 5004


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