(“the Creator”)

1. The Creator is either a member of the academic staff or is a postgraduate student of the University and has written papers for, and will continue to write papers for a series. All papers which are co-authored by the Creators for the series are referred to as “eprints” in this Agreement.

2. The Creators grant to the University:

2.1 the right to deposit electronic versions of the eprints to the Eprint Repository at the University; and

2.2 the right to store the eprints on the Eprint Repository and to make the eprints available to the general public via the internet at no cost to the general public.

3. The Creators warrant that to the best of their knowledge and belief:

3.1 the eprints are original works;

3.2 the Creators are the owners of all of the intellectual property in the eprints; or

the Creators are entitled to deal with the intellectual property in the eprints by publishing the eprints on the internet;

3.3 the Creators have the right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant the University the rights contained in this Agreement; and

3.4 the University’s use of the eprints pursuant to this Agreement will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

4. The Creators acknowledge and agree that the University is not responsible or liable for any breach of the Creators’ intellectual property rights in the eprints, in particular any breach of copyright, as a result of the use of the eprints pursuant to this Agreement.

5. The University acknowledges that the rights granted by the Creators in clause 2 of this Agreement, do not cause any transfer or assignment of any proprietary rights in the intellectual property in the eprints to the University.

Signed by the Creator as confirmation that the Creator has read and accepted the terms of this Agreement:


…………………………………………. Date: