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Mandatory Digital Thesis Deposit Process

The Academic Board Policy for Research Higher Degree Thesis Examination mandates that a digital copy of a completed higher degree thesis must be submitted to the University of Melbourne Institutional Repository (UMER) for candidates commencing from 2007. The thesis must be deposited prior to award of the degree. For assistance in submitting email

Detailed information on the policy is at

The repository is able to receive and store these digital copies and in most cases giving free open access to the University’s research output, enabling visibility, retrievability, usage statistics and a wider audience. All candidates who commenced prior to 2007 are encouraged to submit a digital copy but it is not mandatory. Submissions can be accepted at


Candidates may choose to openly publish their thesis online or allow only the citation and abstract to be available. If the candidate agrees to allow the full text of their thesis to be made available, the necessary permissions for third party copyright material and clearance from the supervisor must be sought.

For further information visit the Copyright Office website or contact the Copyright Office.

After the thesis has been deposited, the Melbourne School of Graduate Research (MSGR) is notified so that an award can be made. The citation and abstract only would be available until 'clearance' is received from the Supervisor or Head of Department.

Deposit Options

Select one of the following deposit options and login using your University of Melbourne email username and password.

Please note: It is not possible to use the Safari browser to deposit items into the repository. MAC users will need to use Firefox 2+

Citation and Metadata Record Only Deposit Option (for candidates commencing from 2007 only)

Open Access (for candidates commencing from 2007 only)

If circumstances change after you deposit your work, please contact  to change access at anytime.


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