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Journal article with three or more authors

Entry in Reference List

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., Author, C. C., & Author, D. D. (Year of publication). Title of article. Name of Publication, Volume(issue), Page numbers.

For example - Reference List

Lindgren, K., Inkinen, M., & Widmalm, S.Authors (2009)Year of publication. Who knows best what the people want: Women or men?Title of article Comparative Political StudiesName of publication (italicized), 42Volume (italicized)(2)Issue, 31-55Page numbers.

For 8 or more authors:

Dotsch, S., Wigboldus, R. J., van Knippenberg, Z., Ackermannered, L., Griskevicius, B., Li, N. P., . . . Botros, N. (2011). Post-traumatic stress disorder: Can hypnotherapy help? Journal of New Therapies, 22(3), 17-34.

For example - In text citation

First use up to 5 authors:
Lindgren, Inkinen and Widmalm (2009) discuss that ...
... was discussed (Lindgren, Inkinen, & Widmalm, 2009).

Subsequent use:
Lindgren et al. (2009) mention that ...
... was mentioned (Lindgren et al., 2009).

First and subsequent use 6 or more authors:
Dotsch et al. (2011) found that . . . .
. . . many such incidents have been reported (Dotsch et al., 2011).


Style notes

• In the text, cite up to five authors the first time the reference appears; then for subsequent references, use only the surname of the first author followed by et al. and the year (the year only needed if the reference has not already appeared in the same paragraph).
• In the text, for a work with six or more authors, record only the surname of the first, followed by et al. and the year for first and subsequent citations.
• In the Reference List, give names and initials for up to seven authors.
• In the Reference List, if there are eight or more authors, give the names of the first six, insert three ellipses, and then add the last name.
• Use an ampersand (&) to join the last authors’ names in the Reference List or in brackets, not and (but use and in the narrative text).
• Italicize the name of the journal/publication and volume number.
• Capitalize the first and all major words of the publication name. Give the publication name in full, e.g., Journal of Immunology, not J Immunol.
• Capitalize the article title as follows: first word of title and subtitle, and proper names and proper adjectives, e.g., Still moving: Between cinema and photography.
• Give the volume number of journals, magazines and newsletters.
• When each journal issue starts on page 1, include the issue number in parentheses immediately (no space) after the volume number.
• If a journal or newsletter does not use volume numbers, include the month or season, or other designation, with the year, e.g., (2008, May).
• Give inclusive page numbers.
• Include both article title and subtitle, regardless of length.
• For supplementary material, include a description of the content in brackets after the title, e.g., [Special issue], [Special section].




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