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How to navigate this site

At the top of the re:cite screen, you will see three drop-down navigation menus similar to the following:

Navigation menu

The first menu allows you to select a citation style. When selected, the second menu will be updated with a number of selection styles.

The second menu contains a list of styles associated with the selected citation type. Once one of these is selected, the third menu will be populated with a list details for the style.

The third menu contains a list of details for the selected citation style. Select one of these to display these details.

Select items from any of the three menus to display your required citation information.


For university staff

You may link to any page on the re:cite website using the page's web address (URL). To obtain the URL, simply go to that page and copy the URL from your web browser's bar.

URL of page


For external users

You may use the re:cite website in accordance to the guidelines specified by The University of Melbourne Copyright Office.


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