Interlibrary loans & document delivery:
Other loan services


BONUS+ is a resource-sharing service that enables the lending of selected library material among the staff and students of these participating universities:

If the book that you need is not held at the University of Melbourne Library, you can easily request it online from another BONUS+ library, then collect it a few days later from the pick-up location of your choice.

For more information about BONUS+:

Inter-campus loans (request circles)

Students and staff members may request books, photocopies of items held at other campuses of the University and not able to be requested via request circles (e.g. journals, high use books etc at this page), or media items held at other campuses of the university to be delivered to University of Melbourne libraries at the following campuses:

For more information about inter-campus loans:

CAVAL and National Borrowing Scheme

The CAVAL Reciprocal Borrowing Program is a scheme whereby staff and students of participating academic libraries are able to borrow material from other participating Victorian academic libraries.

University Libraries Australia is a National Borrowing Scheme that allows all staff and students of AVCC member universities to borrow in person from any other interstate university in Australia. Students will be asked to present a photo ID card as well as proof of current enrolment. This could be your enrolment advice form or other proof from your university. Staff members will be asked to present a photo ID card and proof of current employment with a university participating in the scheme, these items are sufficient to allow staff at the Loans Desk to issue an Approved Borrowers card.

For more information about CAVAL:

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