University Library

Relais FAQs

Why have you changed this service?

Who can use this service?

How do I log into Relais?

My requests used to be listed on my library record. Where do I view them now?

How will I know my request has arrived?

When I collect my book, do I have to check it out?

I need more time to collect my book. How do I arrange that?

How do I renew an item?

How can I cancel a request?

My request has a status that says ‘Printed at LON’. What does it mean?

How can I search for a specific request?

Where do I find my request number?

What does the status column mean?

There seems to be a lot of fields on the request form. Do I have to fill them all out?

One of the delivery options for loans is 'Mail'. Can I have a book posted to my home or office address?

My requests aren't showing up in my Student Portal? How do I check on them?

The order form only gives me the option to request a book or a journal article, but I want to request something else, such as a DVD or some microfilm. Which form do I use?

The form is asking me to enter a maximim cost. Do I have to tell you how much I am willing to pay for the request?

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